Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is There Any Group More Hung Up on Sex?

Sex, what an interesting word. Three letters, not four, not two and not five -- just three letters. More ink has been used on this word and more brain power expended than on any other topic in the last 20th century (Possible exception would be war. Another three letter word but that is for another time.)

Can you imagine any organized group outside of the pornography industry being more interested in the ins and outs of this fine old habit other than the church? And any church more interested in it than the Anglican Communion? My word, one would think someone has died and left someone else God! Why are we so obsessed with this one habit? Could you imagine, for example, that the FCA, ACNA, AMiA and all the other "leetle letters" spend all their time on, oh say, feeding the hungry? Wow! I'll bet that hunger would have been wiped out about the year 2003! Could you imagine if the Roman Catholic Church had spent the same amount of time and energy on oh say, wiping out malaria worldwide, would malaria still exist today? How about if the Archbishop of Canterbury spent as much time worrying about all the priests that need jobs would there be any unemployed clergy worldwide?

How about this--- suppose we all spent as much time worrying and writing and working on the issue of poverty in the world? If we all wrote about and the TEC and the Anglican Communion and all the others went out into the community to educate and build new houses and clean up the streets and find work for those unemployed would there still be poverty?

How about if all the lawyers, A.S.Haley included, spent all their time working on prison reform and rehabilitation? Would our prison system be as screwed up as it is?

Why can't we stop wringing our hands over this topic and get on with the business at hand? We do not have enough to do with unemployment and poverty and hunger and disease and unwanted children and poor to no education that we as Christians need to "peek into the bedroom" to occupy our minds?

How about this? You want to work on some really tough issues like war and hunger we take up the cross and follow Jesus? You want to work on sex ya'll move to San Fernando Valley and you take a course in 8 mm film making?

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