Friday, June 11, 2010

TEC and the Anglican Communion Trade Body Punches

Ya know, I believed that the English were over the Revolutionary War but I guess not. The way the Archbishop of Canterbury has come after the colonies one would think that we had just thrown tea into the harbor. Come to think of it, maybe we just did. And then wrote home about it. Of course good old Canada wasn't around then and appears to have faded again. So we are left to our own devices.

I think that there are two things that no one really understands about the Episcopal Church in the United States. First and foremost our love of independence and how we operate in that independence. We like to talk, we like to debate, we like to sit next to each other even when we do not agree. That is all because we respect the worth of each other. We respect the ideas of each other. Simply put, we respect each other. We may not like each other, we may not agree with each other, we may want to strangle each other from time to time but we still respect the basic dignity and worth of the individual.

Second, from that basic respect comes a constant need to protect each other. sometimes it takes us a while to get there but when we do look out! Mess with one of us and you mess with all of us.

Where does that leave us in relation to the rest of the world? We picked a woman to lead our church. It may of taken us too long but by God we picked one and you mess with this lady you mess with the entire TEC. We have come to the conclusion that LGBT need to, through this basic respect, be fully included in all that we do in TEC. May have taken us some time but by God we got there. Mess with the LGBT community and you mess with the entire TEC.

What the rest of the world is truly about to discover is just why we had a Revolution in 1776.

Watch the following and see for yourself:

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