Monday, June 21, 2010

The BS that is The ABC

As one wanders around the blog sphere one encounters a great degree of back-pedalling, explanations, and "slack cutting" - just a sliver for the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Purportedly there was some "legal action" contemplated if ++Rowan Williams did not enforce the silly-a** rule of requiring tribute and doffing the hat before the Presiding Bishop, Katherine Jefferts-Schori could preach in England. Furthermore, now everyone is standing on opprobrium. Never mind that there have been bishops deposed and priests defrocked by TEC that were 'welcomed" by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Never mind that there have been cross border incursions by Southern conealonialists and Missionaries from Africa that were really from Virginia. The Lead has a very nice and polite explanation of what "really happened" complete with examples. Never mind that the ABC has decided that the "Communion Partners" are the one true church in the US.

All that hooey not with standing, the facts still remain. ++Williams created a stir on the heels of his perfectly inane Pentecost aka TECacost letter. Then, decided that he just had to require the PB to verify her orders (although she had done this before) and did not permit her full regalia as he would any other bishop. He was either mean, rude, spiteful, sinful and a misogynist or he is old, senile and coming down with Alzheimer's. A person occupying the position that ++Rowan Williams does, does not make mistakes and does not do anything without the process being vetted three ways to breakfast. No, this was intentional and it was hurtful and it was specifically designed to insult ++Jefferts-Schori and more generally to punish TEC.

Time for the ABC to retire.

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