Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can A Theocracy Be Far Behind?

Well friends and neighbors, the Archbishop of Canterbury has issued his proclamation and the the Presiding Bishop has countered with a Pentecostal Statement of her own. As a side note, since Sundays after Pentecost (also called ordinary times) is 23 Sundays long we have much to look forward to. These times are generally quiet but it appears that ++Rowan and ++Jefferts-Schori are about to change all of that,but I digress.

The understanding upon which the Episcopal Church in the United States of America was founded seems to continually escape more and more persons. Certainly those out side these United States could be excused for their ignorance but those inside the US (AMiA, ACNA, etc.) should know better. Now we have ++Rowan's blessing on those "Communion Partners" as the one true and abiding presence in the US.

Furthermore, as one listens to the election rhetoric heating to a frenzy and more and more there are candidates running for office explaining that they are outsiders and they are going to fix whatever is wrong inside. These would be politicians talk about "government' as if we were a third world country and all they want to do is make a little revolution. Here in California we have a woman running for governor who is deadset on throwing out the incumbent politician -- a person who ran on a outside person business ticket to fix government when he ousted the then insider Gray Davis.

The burning issues across this great land are not poverty, lack of jobs, lack of eduction, prison reform and so forth, the burning issues are right to life, what goes on in your (not mine mind you) bedroom, whether you are a Christian or "one of those", illegal immigration, gay marriage or more significantly, and how to prevent gay marriage from happening. There is a huge push on for no taxes and more services. pretty soon we will pay absolutely no taxes whatsoever and get all the services we want (not need).

There is a growing lack of understanding that we are the government and that we , the citizens of this country are the politicians of this country. That taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society and that what goes on in the bedroom is no one's business. That good government is worth paying for and good services are worth paying for. That government is really a good thing, or it least it beats the alternative.

What everyone wants, it seems to me, is a new and better theocracy, with "them" interpreting the bible and what is God's will for His people. I for one, am unwilling to give in to these self-absorbed, narrow-minded, minimalist Biblical scholars that can't grab their a** with both hands if their life depended on it.

What ACNA and AMiA and that group wants, along with the Communion Partners, is license. Yes, they are the best and the brightest and they want to run the show. How they have managed to bamboozle the laity in diocese such my own or Pittsburgh or Texas is beyond me. One thing is sure, they all need to be stopped -- starting with the Communion Partners.

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