Monday, July 4, 2011

It is the 4th of July

Hope everyone enjoys their Independence Day.

Friday, July 1, 2011

If You Build It They Will Come

In a recent post on Off-Topic Allowed I spoke about how to begin to rebuild the Anglican Communion.  It is imperative that we begin, if not just as was laid out in that post then something similar and something very, very soon.  The other thing I would suggest is that the Episcopal Church subsidizes the entire conference, that will help those less fortunate and will demonstrate both our sincerity and our devotion. 

One of the major outcomes will be a renewed interest in the Anglican Church (the only Real Anglicans in the United States belong to the Episcopal Church) throughout the world.  See, we do not need to worry about "our numbers".  We are not GAFCON/FCA/AMiA/AMiE/CANA/and all the other alphabet soup, we are the real Anglican Communion dedicated to demonstrating throughout the world that there Christ is alive and well and bringing the gospel message to everyone in the world.  We are not exclusive, we are not bound by numbers, we are not hate-based, we are not condemning.  We are resoundingly based in the gospel, both the two Great Commandments and Matthew 25 for starters.  We care about people not numbers and we care about including everyone and not excluding anyone.  We are about a Eucharistic centered, prayer based, Christ centered world-wide work that celebrates our differences and rejoices in our Christ-centeredness.  We take seriously, in fact one of our main goals is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, elevate the poor, share all our abundant resources joyfully and freely excluding no one and lifting every single person up both one at a time and collectively.

In this new Anglican Communion we need to demonstrate that we care less about what our neighbor is or is not doing and we focus on our relationship with God and our relationship with our neighbor.  That is what matters and that is what we work on.  When we share the peace we forgive our brothers and sisters because Christ has taught us to do that and we receive communion with everyone.

Yes, fellow Anglicans, "if you build it they will most assuredly come."