Sunday, May 30, 2010

TEC To Stop Funding Anglican Functions!?!#

Let me start from the premise that this is just a bit like the 60's. Everyone stopped sending their portion of taxes that went towards the war in Vietnam. Anyone work in a public agency? Ask them how this works. IT DOES NOT! And now, there is a growing mood to in TEC to stop funding the Anglican Communion functions. Ain't gonna' work folks. We would hurt a mass of people who are not even in the same zip code as Archbishop Rowan Williams let alone on the same page. In fact, they just want to get the work of the Lord done like always and probably do not share the same views as Rowan. Let's not demolish those folks -- the right would call that collateral damage- we call it sin.

TEC needs to stop playing "patty cake" and get some things done. First, figure out what we stand for and make it known to all. Second, jettison the silly half in half out neer-do-wells commonly referred to a the "Communion Partners". Third, as long as were are suing folks, how about the the Anglican Communion in North America. Fourth, get about the business of mission.

Let's not clobber our international friends while we are in a snit. What say ye?

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