Saturday, August 4, 2012

That bus is gone but the next one is on it's way!

Why does it now "feel" like the Anglican Covenant has become irrelevant?  Because, IMHO it has.  The real question(s) is/are who made it so?  Was it father time that made it irrelevant?  That is, things in motion tend to stay in motion while things at rest tend to stay at rest.  So, perhaps time has just past the Anglican Covenant by.  In essence they don't care and we don't care.

Or, did the Episcopal church, in some clever and well hidden way, make it irrelevant?  The general conventions have managed to sidestep the issue in such a way as to finesse the program right into oblivion.  Dodging the bullet, while not very stalwart, does have it's advantages.  It does simply make one wonder if there is anything that the Episcopal Church will address head on.

Or, did the fellows from the Anglican Church in North America set this whole thing up as an exercise in distraction so that other things could be accomplished?  If this is the case then ACNA has made progress of sorts in formation and implementation without so much as a by your leave, sir.  While the world passed the hot potato around the horn the ACNA folks did all sorts of things in both England and in the United States. One has to give them credit for their plan, at least according to the Chapman Memo (as amended) they have followed the plan and not a thing of importance has happened.  They have made the Episcopal Church almost impotent.  If you disagree please explain why not a single soul in Canterbury did anything to stop the plan from unfolding and for allowing the United States to fall into a state of disarray? 

Well,, choose one or all, I do believe that that bus has passed us by and probably most everyone else in the world.  But hey, wait, just like a bus, the next ACNA move will be along in a few minutes.


Leonard said...

Dear Fred,

Like you I don´t trust the ACNA schismatics for one minute...afterall, the God that I understand wants me to be responsible and in the face of being abused to say no. It´s really not healthy for anyone for the condependent operators to keep being tolerated (and even pampered by Rowan Williams, John Sentamu)as simply ¨religious folks with ¨*conservative* Scriptural beliefs...bigots and thieves are dangerous and must be held accountable for their real, and mostly negative, actions at TEC.

Leonard said...

BTW...I´m going to re-install you on my blogfeed...I thought you stopped blogging (and I missed you mucho) to you and all in San Joaquin, Len

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Thank you Leonardo. As the old saying goes, "sometimes I sits and I think; sometimes I just sit." I have to say I grow weary of the hands off let the bad guys run amok but well win in the end approach. I am much more poractive than that.