Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where I Stand Depends On Where I Sit

James, proposes a not so new theological basis for Mr. Schofield and the conealoneialists.  Here is the blog listing:  

Once one finishes that read then the next step is to read The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis.

It is a really sad day when where you stand theologically depends on where you sit physically.  I have scoured the Scriptures and I simply cannot find any reference to Christ saying that salvation comes by naming a pew.  I believe I understand and I am sympathetic to those whose history dates back to George Washington or John C. Fremont or whoever but far as I know "aint't nobody taking the pew with 'em when they go".  

I do not think that Real Anglicans are determined based on where you sit.  And, I am a little scared at the fact that when we get our buildings back we are going to get those people back also.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Say The Secret Word and Win $25.00

1.lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor; insipid; flat:vapid tea.
2.without liveliness or spirit; dull or tedious: a vapid party; vapid conversation.

Mr. Schofield and his minions look the the Anglican Church in North America.  Mind you the Archbishop of Canterbury has indicated he will let people know when an application for a new province has been received. 

DATES FOR 1ST PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY for the ANGLICAN CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA:  St. Vincent’s Cathedral, Bedford, Texas will be the site of the first Provincial Assembly of the new Province, now set for June 22-25, ‘09.  The adoption of our Constitution and Canons and the election of our first domestic Archbishop and Primate will be the important legislative acts, but the primary focus of the Assembly will be to unite, encourage, educate, and affirm our North American congregations and clergy.  Much of these Assemblies will be modeled after the highly successful Winter Conferences of AMiA, but are certain to have their own distinctive appearance since AMiA will be part of ACiNA. 

For those of you who got the secret word write to Mr. John David Mercer Schofield.  I am sure he can hardly wait.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Frightened Conservative Anglicans

Well, probably everyone has by now seen the new GAFCONITE website.  And, by extension, the Frightened Conservative Anglican sign up area.  See, here is what I thought, I thought all that was necessary for salvation was 1, to love God with all your heart and soul and mind and 2, to love my neighbor as myself.  On these two statements, hang all the law and the prophets.  Well, strip my gears and call me shiftless, that is no longer true.  Here, from the website is another requirement:

All members are asked to assent to the Jerusalem Declaration and the goals of the FCA as a mandatory step. As an option, you can choose whether you would like to be listed as a GAFCON supporter in any of our publications.

It wasn't enough we have the 39 articles, the 10 commandments, Leviticus, Peter Akinola and Peter Jensen and John David Schofield and of course the inimitable William "I can be in charge wherever I am" Wantland we now have to subscribe to the Jerusalem Declaration AND the goals of the FCA.  And warm up the donuts  'cause I have the OPTION of being listed as a GACON supporter.  Hot damn, Wilma, I can feel it, we're gonna get steak knives if we join the Conealoneialists.

The "eye of the needle" just got a little smaller.  Does that also mean that the 144,000 is now done to about 123,458?

Friday, January 23, 2009


Wantland and Scriven have now left.  Iker is either coming, going or neither.  Schofield is leaving before he is deposed and Duncan is moderating everything that matters.  What a great timefor this tune:

A Standing ovation for Jethro Tull! Yes, I am that old.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yogi Berra and Leo Jack Iker

I'll bet some of you are saying, what has Jellystone Park got to do with Jack Iker?  Others are wondering if in fact one of the greatest catchers in the history of baseball should be in the same sentence with a tired old ex-epsicopal bishop that has renounced his ordination vows.  Well the answer is no, we are not going to steal any picnic baskets as Mr. Iker has his hands full with other objects and yes Yogi should be mentioned but only in this regard.  He has a now famous quote, actually he has many, but the one I am thinking about is, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

Let me explain.  Here is an excerpt from the benediction of the Reverend Bruce Lowery:
Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around -- (laughter) -- when yellow will be mellow -- (laughter) -- when the red man can get ahead, man -- (laughter) -- and when white will embrace what is right.

Here is Mr. Iker's quote from a conference in Charleston, South Carolina last week:
"Though we have our continuing differences over the issue of the ordination of women, Bishop Duncan and the CCP lead bishops have given assurances that there will be no women bishops in the new Province and that the historic, traditional theological position on this matter will be protected, respected and welcomed."

Here is what our President says,
For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace.

Here is what Leo Jack Iker says,
The traditionalist Bishop said that his recent decision to pull his diocese out of the Episcopal Church and bring it under the Province of the Southern Cone occurred because he had reached the sad conclusion that those who affirm the historic position of an all male priesthood and episcopate have no future in The Episcopal Church of the U.S., nor in the Anglican Church of Canada. He said it is likely to become the same in the Church of England in the near future.

Here what President Obama says,
As we consider the road that unfolds before us, we remember with humble gratitude those brave Americans who, at this very hour, patrol far-off deserts and distant mountains. They have something to tell us today, just as the fallen heroes who lie in Arlington whisper through the ages. We honor them not only because they are guardians of our liberty, but because they embody the spirit of service; a willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves. And yet, at this moment - a moment that will define a generation - it is precisely this spirit that must inhabit us all.

We have come to the fork in the road,  which fork and with whom?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I took a quick tour of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin parishes and missions as they were listed on the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin website.  There is a list of deaneries and cities that if one hovers over the name and then clicks on the name will take you to the parish websites for the diocese.  What an incredible group of parishes and how diverse can they be?  Well, let's see:

St James - The Cathedral in Fresno
     claims to be a member of the Anglican Communion.  Of course if one goes to the Anglican Communion website the only diocese listed in ANY province is that of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin and it lists +Jerry Lamb as interim bishop.
   Hey, that is okay because there is one website listing on the St. James Cathedral site that when you click on it takes you directly to --- you guessed it -+Jerry Lamb and the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.   All I can say is WOWSERS!

Not all parishes have a regular website.  Some parishes have none and others that have websites the link is "broken".  

St. Mary's in Fresno has at least 12 links directly to Episcopal websites including TEC.  It also has one that claims that Mr. Schofield's website is Episcopal.  

St. Mary's in Manteca has a link to the Anglican Communion website.  Yet when you go there the only diocese listed is that of Bishop Lamb.  If you go to the website of the Southern Cone there is absolutely no listing of the Mr. Schofield website or any of Mr. Schofield's parishes.  

St. Mark's in Tracy has the same Anglican website link.

St. Paul's in Bakersfield has a link to the Archbishop of Canterbury of all things!  There own last convention adopts the Jerusalem Declaration stating that the Archbishop is superfluous and yet bold as brass there is a link!  Also has a link to the 1928 prayerbook (isn't that still Episcopal?) and the Anglican Communion website.

St. John the Evangelist in Stockton has a link not only to the Anglican Communion website but also to -- you guessed it -- The Episcopal Church website. Yep, ++Schori's website!

Christ Church in Oakhurst has a direct link to it's diocesan website - yep, Bishop Lamb's website!

Church of Good Shepherd has a link to the ++Rowan Williams but it is broken -- duh?!

St. John's in Porterville has a link to the Anglican Communion and Canterbury.  See the Jerusalem Declaration for that one.

St. Paul's Visalia has a link to the Anglican Communion and the Church of England (?!) as well as the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

And finally St. Peters on it's website still lists the parish as Episcopal (Anglican).

There you have it folks.  A group going in multiple directions in one big hurry.  But I do really like the link from the Cathedral of St James, home church of Mr. John David Mercer Schofield with a diocesan link to +Bishop Jerry Lamb and the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.  It is always nice to cover all your basis.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Proposition 8 and Starfish

I was reading another article on the amount of money expended on Proposition 8 here in California.  The number quoted was $70 million dollars.  Now, if the California Supreme Court ruling were to have stood and Proposition 8 was not written I just figured out how that money could have been spent.  World Vision has children that can be sponsored for $35.00 per month.  That means that to sponsor a child from 0 to 20 years old it would cost $8,400.00.  IF the $70 million was put toward to the World Vision program we could have sponsored 8,333.33 children from birth until they were 20 years old.  Now you say "That is not very many" and that reminds me of the story of the two people walking down the beach which was littered with starfish out of the water.  One of the two people walking along the beach  was slowly picking one star fish up and throwing it back into the water.   Then the person bent over, picked up another and threw that starfish back into the water.  The friend walking with the person tossing the starfish back in to the water asked , "What are you doing?".  The other person said, "I am saving starfish."  The friend said, "Surely you must know you cannot save all the starfish on the beach".  The other person simply bent over, picked up a starfish and threw it back in the water.  While the person was throwing the starfish back said "Saved that one". 

When faced with so many starfish, why would we direct our money to something so destructive when we could save another starfish?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Open Letter to the "Anglican Diocese of Fort Worth, Quincy, Pittsburgh and San Joaquin

Dear Laity,

Each of you, individually and collectively, were promised by your respective leadership that by separating from The Episcopal Church of the United States of America that you would at a minimum, retain a close, if not closer relationship within the Anglican Communion.  Actually, having been at several meetings within the Diocese of San Joaquin, we were promised that our relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury would be solidified by voting to separate from TEC.  Well, how is Archbishop Rowan Williams these days?  Hey, lets look you guys up on the Anglican Communion website.  
For you folks in Pittsburgh: 

For you folks in Quincy:

For you all in Fort Worth:

and for everyone in San Joaquin:

Seems like your not known on this particular website.  Oh, but you say you may be known through the Province of the Southern Cone, after all, Archbishop Greg "Claimjumper" Venables has told John David Schofield that the Pope Opps wrong, the Archbishop of Canterbury likes him.  So let's see, here is the Southern Cone Province url:

By golly, your diocese are not there either?  So, just where "in heaven's name" are you guys?  Don't you think you ought to find out?  Looks to me like you are not associated with anyone remotely connected to the Archbishop of Canterbury!  Leo Jack Iker, Keith Ackerman, John David Mercer Schofield and Robert Duncan ALL Promised you that you would be members of the Anglican Communion and they moved you to never never land.  You say you are soon to be recognized in your own little province?  Guess again.  The Archbishop has clearly indicated that to do that you must follow certain rules and procedures and when someone begins that process the Archbishop's office will let them know.  You got any letters from ++Williams lately?  

Isn't it time you all demanded accountability from your friends in high places?  Will they stop promising you "pie in the sky in the by and by" and start delivering on simple things like maintaining your position in the Anglican Communion?

Keep in mind that the only Real Anglicans in the Unitied States are those belonging to The Episcopal Church.

Thanks for reading and oh, have a nice day!


Monday, January 12, 2009


Fr. Mark Harris, in a recent post writes in part,

 "The cost of church life in a church both reasonably inclusive and democratic is that we have to put up with people who are not like us, don't believe as we do, and don't necessarily like us, or we them. That's the way it is. It is what reasonable people do - put up with one another. We have to model in our own lives the civic virtue of breadth. The gamble is, of course, that if we gather at the Table and share in the sacramental life of Christ and practice Incarnation it will all come out well in the end. It will. You can bet on it.""Preludium"

This is indeed true.  When one lives in a democracy there is always the chance that Saddam Hussein or Adolph Hitler may be elected.  What then is the strongest counterbalance to that inevitability?  Education, of course.  I believe that we (individually and collectively) failed in our evangelization process in two fundamental ways.  First, we went after the fast buck.  Many of our parishes, suffering from a lack of funds looked around and figured out that one of two things had to happen.  Either everyone gave a bunch more OR we grabbed more people and brought them into the church. Since stewardship for many is nothing more than filling the budget bucket not many wanted the first, since we were already giving as much as we could, so most decided to bring more people into the church.  Increasing the base is almost like increasing the amount, right?  Well, not exactly.  When we built the base we failed to perform the basic functions of educating those newcomers so that they understood the breadth, depth, history and liturgy of the Episcopal Church.  I realize that baptism/confirmation/reception into the Episcopal church is a sacramental event, a gift freely given.  However, we are unique in the Anglican Communion.  If any one has any doubts talk with a bishop from Africa.  (no booing, please.)  On a few occasions I had the privilege of speaking with the retired bishop of Uganda, Bishop Shalita.  His explanation of how the Anglican Communion works in Uganda is WAAAYYYY different than how it works here.  Our Episcopal Church is far more democratic, born out of the American Revolution and laicized by Bishop White.  Education, as Jefferson pointed out for democracy, is critical for each and every person.  We missed the boat.  We failed miserably in at least four diocese.  We sought the buck and not the soul.  We planted the seed but failed to nurture it.  If I am going to gamble, I want to do so with the odds in my favor.  It is time to consider, or at least reconsider education in a number of areas.  First, evangelization, and Father Terry is plowing new ground at"Father T Listens to the World".   

It is time to consider or at least reconsider two other areas of education.  Next is educating all our parishes on the issues of the Episcopal Church and how and why it functions the way it does. Democracy doesn't just happen.  The writings, the readings, the philosophy, the experience, the living and the dying all must incorporate the feelings, the spirit, the philosophy of democracy.  Dropping a bunch of authoritarian people into a society that is solidly democratic is a recipe for disaster, just ask anyone in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.  Everyone needs to know and understand the principles upon which we operate and ending with Roberts Rules of Order.   This would, I hope, prevent the debacle we are now suffering.  Case in point:

Finally, we need a renewed educational effort across the board in stewardship.  Stewardship is no more giving money to build a budget then putting someone's butt in a pew is evangelization.  Both fail, IMHO, to meet the most basic of gospel messages.  

While I like to gamble as much as the next person I think in this area I would like to begin to more closely follow the Episcopal Church messages of inclusivity, evangelization,  and stewardship and democracy.  The way to begin is through education.  

Here's A Little Something For GAFCON Leadership

Every now and then we go off the deep end.  
Without any great consultation and for not a very good reason I offer a song
to the leadership of GAFCON and the alphabet soup boys. Hope you all enjoy.
It is possible to look up the lyrics but I am going to leave it to you to do that, I don't want to
spoil your fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Even Grandchildren Need Straight Scoop


True, as children grow older they need to talk real stuff to their bishops.  In this particular instance this grandchild is getting some really good information.  Bishop Lamb came to visit our parish lately and was kind enough to talk to the crowd, even the young ones.

One of the fun things about this media is one can kinda rejoice when the mood strikes one.  So, pardon my rejoicing but my grandson has been in the arms of two of the most important people in the Episcopal Church and what an honor.  WC Fields once said never do anything with animals and children.  Clearly our bishops do not subscribe to that theory.  CD is really quite blessed and I am quite thankful.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does it Look like a Cult? UPDATED!!

As you read through this post please also read from Leonardo Ricardo's dual post on Purity Cults.  It seems we provided dual coverage on a very important topic and the both combine for a fascinating read!

I had a very good friend.  Jim was possibly the most literate person I have ever known.  A high school dropout who graduated from UC Berkeley cum laude and then graduated from Hasting School of Law.  He turned to schools and what he was doing with the likes of me in a doctorate in Educational Leadership program is subject to speculation.  He had turned his attention to autism and was set on exposing the "solutions"  that had thus far come up in this field.  

Jim and his first wife were married by the Reverend Jim Jones.  Yep, the one and only.  The guy that went to Guyana and ultimately everybody had koolaid shooters.  Jim shared with me that Jim Jones was an incredibly charismatic guy that one could not be around him otherwise he would simply suck you into his "group".   Jim died around this time a year or so ago and I have thought about the loss to education recently.  The point, however,  is the issue of cult.  

Let us take a quick look and see what gives.  


 CULT - Any group which has a pyramid type authoritarian leadership structure with all teaching and guidance coming from the person/persons at the top.  Would that sound like the Primates Council or GAFCON in general. The group will claim to be the only way to God; Nirvana; Paradise; Ultimate Reality; Full Potential, Way to Happiness etc, and will use thought reform or mind control techniques to gain control and keep their members. This definition covers cults within all major world religions, along with those cults which have no OBVIOUS religious base such as commercial, educational and psychological cults. Others may define these a little differently, but this is the simplest to work from. THE 'ORTHODOX BIBLE-BASED CULT'

A group is called a cult because of their behaviour - (would that behavior be that of John David Schofield or Bob Duncan or Peter Jensen or Peter Akinola OR how about BISHOP MacBurney - not their doctrines. Doctrine is an issue in the area of Apologetics and Heresy. Most religious cults do teach what the Christian church would declare to be heresy but some do not. Some cults teach the basics of the Christian faith but have behavioural patterns that are abusive, controlling and cultic.(Sound vaguely familiar?)

This occurs in both Non-Charismatic and Charismatic churches. These groups teach the central doctrines of the Christian faith and then add the extra authority of leadership or some one's particular writings. They centre around the interpretations of the leadership and submissive and unquestioning acceptance of these is essential to be a member of good standing. This acceptance includes what we consider non-essential doctrines e.i. not salvation issues (such as the Person and Work of Christ.) Primates Council Jerusalem Declaration? The key is that they will be using mind control or undue influence on their members.

An excellent book on this subject is "Churches that Abuse" by Dr Ronald Enroth.


(a) The group will have an ELITIST view of itself in relation to others, and a UNIQUE CAUSE. e.i. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES RIGHT the one true Anglicanseveryone else is wrong. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES DOING GOD'S WILL - everyone else is in apostasy.

(b) They will promote their cause actively, and in doing so, abuse God-given personal rights and freedoms. This abuse can be THEOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL.


  1. Their leader/s may claim a special, exclusive ministry, revelation or position of authority given by God.

  2. They believe they are the only true church and take a critical stance regarding the Christian church while at the same time praising and exalting their own group, leader/s and work.

  3. They use intimidation or psychological manipulation to keep members loyal to their ranks. This could be in the form of threats of dire calamity sent by God if they leave; certain death at Armageddon; being shunned by their family and friends etc. This is a vital part of the mind control process.

  4. Members will be expected to give substantial financial support to the group (like other peoples money and real property). This could be compulsory tithing (which is checked); signing over all their property on entering the group; coercive methods of instilling guilt on those who have not contributed; selling magazines, flowers or other goods for the group as part of their "ministry".

  5. At the same time bible-based cults may ridicule churches that take up free-will offerings by passing collection plates and/or sell literature and tapes. They usually brag that they don't do this. This gives outsiders the intimation that they are not interested in money.

  6. There will be great emphasis on loyalty to the group and its teachings. The lives of members will be totally absorbed into the group's activities. They will have little or no time to think for themselves because of physical and emotional exhaustion. This is also a vital part of the mind control process.

  7. There will be total control over almost all aspects of the private lives of members. This control can be direct through communal living, or constant and repetitious teaching on "how to be a true Christian" or "being obedient to leadership". Members will look to their leaders for guidance in everything they do.

  8. Bible-based cults may proclaim they have no clergy/laity distinction and no paid ministry class - that they are all equal. (Peter Jensen lay presidency)

  9. Any dissent or questioning of the group's teachings is discouraged. Criticism in any form is seen as rebellion. There will be an emphasis on authority, unquestioning obedience and submission. This is vigilantly maintained.

  10. Members are required to demonstrate their loyalty to the group in some way. This could be in the form of "dobbing" on fellow members (including family) under the guise of looking out for "spiritual welfare".

    They may be required to deliberately lie (heavenly deception/theocratic strategy) or give up their lives by refusing some form of medical treatment.

  11. Attempts to leave or reveal embarrassing facts about the group may be met with threats. (St. Andrew's Taft) Some may have taken oaths of loyalty that involve their lives or have signed a "covenant" and feel threatened by this.

    Refugees of the group are usually faced with confrontations by other members with coercion to get them to return to the group.


1. ABUSE OF INDIVIDUALITY They adopt a "groupness" mentality. They are not permitted to think for themselves apart from the group and only accept what they are told.

2. ABUSE OF INTIMACY Relationships with friends, relatives, spouses, children, parents etc are broken or seriously hampered.

3. ABUSE OF FINANCES Pressure to give all you can to the group. In non-communal groups, members usually live at the lower socio-economic strata, not because of a lower income level, but because they are always giving money to the group for some reason.

4. "US VERSUS THEM" MENTALITY Isolation from the community in general. Anyone and everything outside the group is seen as "of the devil" or "unenlightened" etc. Their enemies now include former friends; the Christian church; governments; education systems; the media - the world in general. Those who are involved with these in any way see such involvement as a "means to an end".

5. ABUSE OF TIME AND ENERGY The group controls and uses almost all the members time and energy in group activities. They are usually in a constant state of mental and physical exhaustion.

6. ABUSE OF FREE WILL They must unquestioning submit to the groups teachings and directions and their own free will is broken. Their "will" actually becomes the groups "will" without their realizing it. This is done either by coercive methods including low protein diets and lack of sleep, or over a period of time through intimidation. Both methods make heavy use of "guilt".

Well, there you have it.  Now, I am just spitballin' here but sure seems to ring a bell?  How about you?  Ring any bells for you?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Christmas Story (Like No Other)

A writer from St. Stepehn's in Aurora, Colorado sent me to web crawling back at the St. Stephen's Anglican website where I found brother Martyn's "Christmas Message".  Here it is in its entirety.  I have taken the liberty to help elucidate some of the more "murky" ideas "Bishop" Minns has espoused. Clarifications are in red.

Martyn Minns
A New Start for the Anglican Church in North America

Once upon a time, the Anglican Church was a powerful presence in the U.S.A. known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. or more recently as The Episcopal Church. It claimed a large percentage of the population (16% in 1789) and an even larger representation among the leaders of our great nation.

Once upon a time ought to tell everyone that this is clearly a Christmas fairy tale.  Good way to begin, try to merely entertain everyone with "friction".

The language of its liturgy shaped much of our culture and its cathedrals and churches were a witness to the community. Today however, it is wracked with internal conflict, shrinking numbers (less than three-tenths of one percent of Americans regularly worship in Episcopal Churches) and is known more for its rejection of biblical authority and its willingness to litigate against its own clergy and congregations than for its passion for Christ. But that isn't the end of the story.

Brother Minns has clearly and already gone off the deep end.  There would be no litigation if the robbers and thieves had not stolen property that did not belong to them.  TEC passion for Christ involves bringing everyone under the big tent.  We exclude no one who willingly wants to seek and find Christ.  AND, as you can see by the last line in this paragraph, Mr. Minns does in fact believe he is weaving nothing more than a fictitious story.

A growing number of Anglican Christians have realized that they cannot continue down this path. On December 3, as the Bishop of CANA (the Convocation of Anglicans in North America) I joined the bishops and representatives of 14 other Anglican dioceses and networks to introduce the provisional constitution of a new Anglican Church in North America.

The Bishop of Cana?  Who invented that little country/province?  Is it like Peter Sellers Parador?

We are making a new start. This new Church already represents more than 700 congregations across the nation with a diverse leadership that is committed to the centrality of Christ and the trustworthiness of the Bible as we seek to live out our faith in an authentic way. We are convinced that our Anglican heritage with its balance of Word and Sacrament, historical roots and present day concerns, has a great deal to offer to the challenges of our contemporary culture.

WE (huh?) are making a new start?  No, you have decided that you and a few of your friends would rather hurt people rather than help them so YOU have stolen a whole lot of parishes and property both real and personal in hopes that you will not have to start a new "sect" and by the way, earn what you get rather than simply steal it.

We believe that we have very good news to share with those who are struggling with personal and corporate brokenness. We also know of the transforming power of the Gospel from our own personal experiences. We are passionate about mission both in our immediate communities and around the world.

The good news you have to share is a message of exclusion.  You cannot live with everyone under the big tent and you have decided who gets to play.  Just ask the Primates Council.  Check out the GAFCON website if one thinks that everyone is invited, cause that ain't happenin'.

We are planting new churches in urban centers and in rural settings. We are working in homeless shelters. We are working to strengthen marriages and protecting children at risk. We are fighting HIV/AIDS and other pandemics in the Majority World.  You haven't planted anything.  You lied, cheated and stolen your way to a new group.  We are moving forward with Jesus' ministry of radical inclusion, profound transformation and inspired service. We believe that lively Christian communities are one of the best ways to strengthen the foundations of a just society. 

Radical inclusion is the new "buzz phrase" for only those who know the secret handshake get to come in.

We have already received great encouragement from Anglican leaders around the world who have welcomed and blessed this new development.  There was deafening silence from ABC land.

Earlier this year, leaders representing more than half of the world's 77 million Anglicans called for the creation of this new Anglican Church in North America during the June 2008 Global Anglican Future Conference held in Jerusalem.  GAFCONites and Conealonialists love to overwhelm you with numbers.  Keep in mind when Christ died he was pretty much alone. Numbers don't necessarily mean diddly.

We are not looking back to the good old days of power, privilege and prestige, but looking forward to a bright new tomorrow. Here WE, meaning Jack Iker, John Guernsey, Bob Duncan, John David Schofield, et al have the only power and privilege that anyone needs.  They are now the "playas". NB: And don't you forget it. 

We believe that the message of the angel heard in those Bethlehem fields more than 2,000 years ago is still true. We have good news of great joy for all people! Actually he means they have some interesting stuff for a few nice, pre-selected people.  LGBT need not apply (unless you are "fixed").
The Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns is Missionary Bishop of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America. Not much to add to this last line. Truth be told that is what the man is.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is an open letter to those who are currently suffering from John David Schofielditis, also known as conealonialism.  The California Supreme Court has now ruled you do not own the property and cannot take the property with you and in fact you must give it back!  So let's look at the final score, shall we?

You cannot use the Book of Common Prayer, 1979.  You must use the book of common prayer 1662 (or maybe some variation of the theme, but your very own American Book of Common Prayer with all the great liturgy is out).

TEC 1 Conealonialism 0

You may not have women priests.  Oh, women have a place in the Conealonialism church just that the place is at the back of the bus - so to speak. So much for equality.

TEC 2 Conealonialism 0

You may not include everyone in your house of worship.  In fact, best I can tell you are going to have to have cameras in most peoples bedrooms.  So much for privacy.

TEC 3 Conealonialism 0

You may not help just anyone who needs assistance.  You must first discover whether they are "good Christians".  This will of course save you money for the trips your bishops like to take to and from Argentina.

TEC 3 Conealonialism 1 (opps!)

You may not think for yourselves.  If John David Schofield or Gregory Venables wants you to have an opinion they will issue you one.

TEC 4 Conealonialism 1

Your conventions will dramatically change now that you no longer rest under the umbrella of the Episcopal Church.  Speak with Gregory Venables about how they run their conventions. You do not get to choose anything.  You may get to vote, but the ballot is rigged.  But then you know how that works from your days with JDS.

TEC 5 Conealonialism 1

You are NOT affiliated with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  In fact I cannot imagine that you are affiliated with anyone except Greg Venables.  How sweet the sound?

TEC 6 Conealonialism 1

You do not own the property in which you worship.  You must give it ALL back and the sooner the better.  You folks that went just to stay with your family building -- might as well come on home now 'cause the buildings and the property are headed to the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.

TEC 7 Conealonialism 1 (Cal Supreme Ct 2)

So, the door is open and we would love to have you all back.  Want to know what you have missed?  Here is our website

Ready to come home?  Well, let's not wait any longer!  All you need to do is call 1-209-952-0006 and ask to speak with Bishop Lamb.  He is waiting - - - 

Monday, January 5, 2009

California Sumpreme Court Gets It Right AGAIN!

For the second time in the last few months the California Supreme Court has ruled in favor of those who have been maligned and downtrodden.  The purple shirted ruffians have again been rebuffed.  First, the Court ruled in favor of Marriage equality allowing LGBT folks to marry.  BTW, the court will also have a chance to clear up that "November hiccup" just as they have now cleared up the issue of theft and deception in property.

From the AP news article:

In an unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court ruled that the property belongs to the Episcopal Church because the parishes agreed to abide by the mother church's rules, which include specific language about property ownership.

This is really good news for the Episcopal Church (national) and there is much more good news when one unpacks the ruling but I don't want to do that right now.  I want to take this opportunity to share in the joy that must be felt by parishioners in Taft and Turlock and Stockton and Oakdale and Bakersfield and all throughout the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.  I also do not want to forget those who were forced into sacrificing their church buildings to the mean-spirited  Southern Cone folks who have used the ill-gotten gains to support the foolhardy attempted theft of all the other buildings and property  from our diocese.  It is sad to think that even though the long nightmare is almost over for many there are still some, St. Dunstan's parishioners that comes to mind, that will never be able to recover.  Their property was sold out from underneath them and it is now impossible to recover.  Please keep these members in your prayers for their grief is heavy and their loss is both real and forever.

For those who have perpetrated this farce your time is now growing short.  Better that you give the property back now than wait for the courts to rule.  You will save your dollars (actually Episcopal dollars) but you will also save what little shred of decency you may have left.  It was one thing to decide to leave a church that has been nothing but good to you and it is one thing to lead others down "the garden path" but it is sinister and evil, to do so and then spend the money that is not yours to defend property that is not yours and thereby not only ruin the people that followed you but by spending those precious dollars that were not yours you leave those whose dollars they are with far fewer in order to follow Christ.  

Mr. Schofield you have now accomplished something no one else has done.  You have torn an Episcopal Diocese asunder for your own personal ego satisfying purposes.  You have ruined the lives of untold numbers by your actions over the last 20 years.  It is time to leave the stage, once and for all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Patient Endurance My A**!

At The great risk of being quirky once again:

Father Mark has written a piece on the Anglican Communion Institute' latest rot on "Patient Endurance".  He asks us to read the entire article which I will also ask of each of you as well.  Here is the url:

I had some significant difficulty getting past this early on statement:

In a recent address, Bishop Duncan said of the proposed new province, “We need a unified body both to heal the divisions among ourselves and to give the broader Anglican Communion a unified and coherent partner with which to be in relationship.”  When taken in conjunction with other remarks he has made, it is clear that the goal of the “outside strategy” with which Bishop Duncan is associated is in fact not a new province but a replacement province–one that will take TEC’s place within the Anglican Communion. Given the nature of this goal it seems initially plausible to seek a province that lies “outside” TEC’s jurisdiction.

Well, shall we all collectively say "DUH!"  How about once more real loud and with great fervor, "DUH!"  Just where have these folks been?  Have they ever read the Chapman Memo?  In that memorandum, written by Robert Duncan's left hand man, Mark Chapman, the whole strategy is laid out clearly and unequivocally -- create a new province and have it replace the current province known as The Episcopal Church.  Now, this wonderful think tank (as Father Mark calls it) has come to this brilliant conclusion.  

Then, the "think tank" comes up with this gem:

 Our work is not to take this kingdom by force of design and tactic, but to make a faithful witness, practice faithful endurance, and wait upon the Lord to see what he will make of what we do and say.

Well, let's see, if we practice a little more endurance then we will wake up one morning and find that we all belong to the Anglican Church of North America.  These folks come to the party and finally realize after oh so many years that the real idea is to replace The Episcopal Church with a new province and the best they can come up with is "patient endurance".    They also add a whole bunch of added convictions and commitments that further weigh down the argument leaving the Episcopal Church in disarray.  

Then, in conclusion they come up with this beaut:

It seems that those who have formed the Anglican Church in North America have decisively entered the path toward a replacement province.  The time for debate about this choice has now past. Time and time alone will tell what future lies in store for this venture.

I would prefer not to wait.  Once again, I ask where is the plan?  I am hopeful that the Anglican Communion Institute is not the only Epsicopal "think tank".  I am desirous of a think tank that is a little quicker on the uptake than this one.  It is time to move on these malcontents.  Moderator Bob and Mr. "I never renounced my vows" Iker and Mr. "can't I be Pope too" Schofield as well as their henchmen Peter "lay presidency" Jensen, and Peter "I love all (well almost all) my people" Akinola and Henry "let me consecrate one more bishop" Orombi and Michael "Hey, I wanted to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury" Nazir Ali and the entire bunch need to be moved on into the next newest whatever, but certainly out of the Anglican Communion.  

The Anglican Communion Institute is correct about one thing, the inside and outside strategy is no longer functional.  From the outset of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America a certain tension between the various factions has been what has moved the church along.  No longer content to retain this tension certain folks have decided to start something new. They knew this when they started the process way back with now retired bishop Wantland.  I am hopeful that the door does not hit them on the way out, that can be painful.  One thing is clear, the Episcopal Church was, is now and I am hopeful, will continue to be the church of full inclusion.  This is the floor, not the ceiling. This is a non-negotiable issue.  Father Mark, in a prior post, discusses the minimum action required by GC 2009 in this regard and many excellent comments have added to this discussion.  

What we need is committed Christian action.   Somebody, somewhere needs to build a plan and then implement it and soon.  And maybe we can disagree on exactlywhat that action may look like but one thing is certain, it does not look anything like "Patient Endurance".