Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taking a Break

We're not closing down Real Anglicans, but without a doubt, everyone is taking a break. I think that's what's happening, anyway. I haven't closed any posts to comments, but I think all new posts will be over at Off Topic Allowed for a while (link at left.)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Can You Hear That? It Is The Sound of My Dissertation Chair


This is my last post. I have, for so long, been trying to finish my doctoral dissertation for my Ed Leadership doctorate. Yes, hard to believe but I am a candidate in the neighborhood of what is called ABD. I have wandered too long and too far afield and I must get back to my roots. It has been a fun ride (for the most part) and I will say that if I have hurt any one, I am deeply sorry. I seek truth and transparency and nothing more. If anyone was hurt in that process, I sincerely apologize. That is all I will say about that.

My thanks to Lynn and Father Scott, these are really good people. To Mp and Mimi and IT (and BP) and James and Dahveed and Padre Mickey and Father Mark and those that have followed this blog and the rest you are all good friends and I wish you nothing but continued success. And cany -- keep up the good fight, someone has to.

A special note to Leonardo, do you remember when? If I haven't ever said you were right and I was wrong guess what --- you were right and I was wrong! I wish to meet you someday -- face to face.

To Father Jake -- thank you and you were right -- this is toxic.

See you all in church!

As they say Now you see me and now you

Fred Schwartz