Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Old Icons and Older Farts

Over at Wounded Bird, Granmere Mimi picked up this headline/blog posting. Earliest Known Icons Discovered in the Catacombs of Rome. I encourage everyone to read that as it is an incredible find involving Sts Peter, Paul, Andrew and John. Just picture yourself wandering through an old and dusty catacomb to be the first to find these marvelous icons. What an exhilarating feeling, don't you think?

Well, you'll never guess what has just been found in some crypts in England. And, I think the Presiding Bishop of the episcopal Church was the first to make this discovery. Turns out ++Jefferts-Schori went to England a short while ago to preach and celebrate the Eucharist and made the discovery while in Southwark. Prior to actually celebrating the Eucharist turned out ++Katherine toured the crypts below the Cathedral and discovered two of the oldest known farts ever. A picture of what she discovered is set below for the world to see. Upon first opening the crypt, everyone gasped, "Holy s***" and sure enough, it smelled that way. later, the Archbishop of York, himself approaching old fart status said, "It takes one to know one and by golly, those are the oldest farts around these parts." The old farts, captured in two mayonnaise jars and with the lids screwed down tight, were shipped to Lambeth for further testing according the the laws of the Church of England. One of the Archbishop of Canterbury's trusted aides saying, "One can't be too careful, old farts can disguise themselves as trusted roses and so we must have full and complete disclosure based on the papers found with the old farts." More later.

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