Saturday, June 12, 2010

Isn't There something About Lying ++Rowan Williams?

I am not a very good counter but I thought, in one of those tablety thingy's that Moses brought down there was something about lying. I would like to know if Archbishop Williams forgot that little ditty? Why, might you ask? Well here is a recent sermon (actually segments) from just the other day. The recipient was among others, George Osbourne.

Give Caesar what belongs to him, says Jesus. And how do we know what belongs to him? It has his image on it. Then: give God what belongs to God. The implication isn’t spelled out, but it’s clear enough. What belongs to God can be identified in the same way; it has his image on it.

The archbishop tells us exactly what he means.

Human beings, who are made in God’s image, ‘belong’ to God – not in the sense that they are God’s property but – like Caesar’s coinage – they carry the stamp of his authority.

Apparently, based on the archbishop's most recent missive to the church world in general and specifically to TEC, LGBT must not project that image. Why else would he recommend and then carry out punitive measures against a body that sees Christ's image in virtually everyone?

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