Sunday, August 26, 2012

John David Schofield II

I would like to begin with a quote from South Carolina Episcopalians.  The actual story is entitled "Diocese Adrift as Bishop's Options Narrow".

Bishop Lawrence has generally surrounded himself with a cadre of admiring friends and advisors who uniformly reflect his Biblical literalism and hostility to authority. Lawrence has revamped key governing structures of the Diocese such that they are now little more than an extension of that cadre. The direction of the Diocese is generally believed to be directed by God through revelation to Bishop Lawrence, who in turn, shares it with the Standng Committee, then the clergy, then the lay people of the Diocese.
While Bishop Lawrence has used many things similar to John David Schofield in bringing his diocese to the brink the above quote is an encapsulation of the exact formula Schofield used in cutting San Joaquin out of the Episcopal Church.  But, here is (I think) the unique part: See the highlighted part of the quote, that is my emphasis.  But, before I say anything, since I am just a blogger of no repute let me provide the reader with the quote that the South Carolinians used to open their story:

“Hooker articulates for Anglicanism its answer to the question of what is our authority. Our authority is the association of scripture, tradition and reason … Scripture for the Anglican is a fundamental source of authority for the church; but apart from reason it is dangerous. It becomes the mirror for the misdirected person to project his or her own opinions and give them the authority of God. The sin of schism is the result."
– Urban T. Holmes in What Is Anglicanism? 

Bishop Lawrence came to his diocese with the promise of staying within the Episcopal Church.  On that basis he garnered sufficient votes to be ratified.  So much for truth in the church.  I suppose he had his hands behind his back and his fingers crossed.  Just like John David Schofield.

Now, in closing and perhaps my main point (after  an obligatory I told you so. Okay, got that out of my system) is that here is at least one more bishop who has done the same thing.  I will let you guess who I am talking about but his initials stand for Daniel Martins.

Will we  ever learn???!!!???

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Leonard said...

Exactly. With especially good reason and first hand knowledge, you know the real character of the spiritualike spawn of John David Schofields regime of gossip, grandiocity and deceit. I saw it from afar and followed the antics on these ¨men¨ who somehow have been able to play into the exaggerated, and damaged, emotions of those who believe themselves the most righteous amongst us at´s all a terrible tragedy because these two men ought be serving God and their people by generating an example of peace, love and a genuine concern for the well-being and healing of all they encounter...these boy´s, and they are grandstanding ¨all-knowers and schemers¨ harm others...all others whose lives they impact...both in and out of Church. All the drama and plotting/thieving and rationalizing these gents seem to indulge in makes me sick...grown men acting out in the name of God in their very own regional excluding stomach turns at the thought of all those they abuse.

Anonymous said...

Have you any idea of how annoying and difficult it is to real blue against a maroon background? Check your site's color settings to something people can read without being transported back to the days of our recreational drug use, please.

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Turnip Ghost -

Recreational drug use?! Well, I never!