Sunday, September 2, 2012

Power - That's My Speciality

Here is the latest from the diocese of South Carolina.  This is actually taken from the website of the SC Episcopalians but the beginning three paragraphs make a point I have been working over for years.
The point is that the need to create ACNA or AMIA or any other multiple lettered acronym is nothing more than a power grab by those who choose to be above the law.  Here it is:
CHARLESTON - The Cathedral of St. Luke& St. Paul is moving forward with plans to sever ties with the Episcopal Church, and shift its loyalty to something called “the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina” (PECDSC). Diocesan leaders have been quietly encourag ing parishes in the Diocese to amend their corporate documents to replace references to the Episcopal Church with similar references to the PECDSC. That is what the communicants of the Cathedral will be asked to do at a meeting of its congregation on September 9th.

Attorneys advising SC Episcopalians believe over the past two years the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina under Bishop Lawrence has re-invented itself as a "religious organization" separate from the Episcopal Church.
The PECDSC’s corporate documents do not include an all important clause that accedes to the Constitution of the Episcopal Church, or otherwise does not include provisions that that impede accession to the Constitution of the Episcopal Church. This is important because unqualified accession to the Constitution of the Church is essential for membership
Notice that South Carolina has already been spoken for by some bozo.bishop from ACNA and so Bishop Lawrence has decided to create his own diocese -- it appears that it may be his own Anglican Province.  John David Schofield taught him all he knows and is probably part of Bishop Lawrence's kitchen cabinet.  It is hard to believe but this has all been about a power grab.  These folks did not like the election of a woman to the position of Presiding Bishop, not just because she is a woman (though that has a lot to do with it) but because they think they can do a better job.  So, we have provinces and AiMa stuff and Church of Rwanda and GAFCON and all these folks trying to become bishops and those who are bishops trying to become popes. 
Someone really ought to put all these folks in a long long timeout..


Leonard said...

Lawerence, seems to have a special ability to suck people into his general depression generated and/or superiority complex by the less-holy-than-he at Church...doesn´t matter if it´s in the glaring hot sun of Bakersfield or the glaringly hateful atmosphere of discrimination shadows of South Carolina...his groupies seem to love being matters little what the REAL source of their grisly character issues me it´s simple...sickly striving to remain ¨better than others¨ in their very own eyes (forget about God, God is simply a cover for this pitiful/ignorant sham). It must be a terrible thing that this man and his accomplices feel so little self-worth that they MUST demonize others at TEC.

Leonard said...

Does Lawerence plead humility through arrogance?

JCF said...

Fred, it's too hard to read black text on your dark rust background. Please switch the text back to a lighter color.

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