Friday, June 18, 2010

Other Issues In the ABC's Pentecost Letter

While the Executive Council discusses with Canon Kearon the intricacies and finer points of hats and committees there are still points to the ++Williams letter that have gone unspoken/unnoticed. Shall we discuss just a few:

The ABC takes us to task on our court cases:

In several places, not only in North America, Anglicans have not hesitated to involve the law courts in settling disputes, often at great expense and at the cost of the Church’s good name.

It seems that the ABC simply wishes us to give the silver to the interlopers such as John David Schofield and Robert Duncan and Jack Iker and be happy about that. See our "good name" has been besmirched. So, I ask the ABC to simply make the diocese of Virginia, San Joaquin, Pittsburgh, Forth Worth, Quincy and all the others whole forthe porpeorty taken. Seems like a simple task.

The ABC seems to be concerned about what has happened to the Anglican Communion:

We have not, in other words, found a way of shaping our consciences and convictions as a worldwide body. We have not fully received the Pentecostal gift of mutual understanding for common mission.

++Williams is now convinced that we have to speak with one voice? Okay, I vote it be Bishop Katherine's voice! Oh, no one on that side of the pond likes that do they?

Then, the Archbishop of Canterbury enters directly into the mess continually trying to be created by the "suck ups" that are called the "Communion Partners".

It is significant that there are still very many in The Episcopal Church, bishops, clergy and faithful, who want to be aligned with the Communion’s general commitments and directions, such as those who identify as ‘Communion Partners’, who disagree strongly with recent decisions, yet want to remain in visible fellowship within TEC so far as they can.

For the record, this is 19 bishops and 79 priests (apparently that constitutes many) that cannot decide what side of the pond they are really on. It appears to me they just want to be on the winning side so they take a wishy-washy position on most things, afraid to make a stand. They slip off in the middle of the night and go talk to "Dad" in order to position themselves in a better light. To the "Communion Partners' I remind them of the parable of the dull tasteless "crap" being spit out.

There is much more to be digested from the ABC's "Pentecost" letter but let's start with that.

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