Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hold On To Your Hat, It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

". . . looked out at a room that was at least nearly half full of people of color, and the first thing he said was the "problem of increased and growing diversity in the Anglican Communion has been an issue for many years." He said that by the 1990s leaders in the communion has begun to name "the diversity of opinions in the communion and diversity in general as a problem and sought some mechanisms to address it."

When, where, and from whom do you think this quote came from? (Sorry Winston). Okay, some of you may guess Strom Thurmond, the fiery Senator form South Carolina. Or perhaps you might guess the former governor from Alabama, George Wallace. Or, how about Lester Maddox, the old axe wielder from Georgia? Well, you would all be wrong.

And when would you guess the time frame for this infamous quote might be? 1920's -- 1930's -- 1940's or surely not later than the 1960's you would guess. Well, you would be wrong.

Would you believe it if I said this quote came from the great state of Mississippi and maybe Jefferson Davis of John Stennis or Trent Lott? Maybe Utah and Joseph Smith or Gordon Hinckley? No, you are way off the mark.

Ready for this, while the Episcopal Church in the United States of America has been working in fits and starts to be all inclusive for all people but especially those marginalized by the mainstream culture all that time the Archbishop of Canterbury and Canon Kenneth Kearon (probably others in the church of England) certainly some of those who were resident in the Diocese of San Joaquin (now have left) and more have viewed us as a growing problem. Diversity is a growing problem? Diversity is a growing problem! These are ordained priests, many bishops, one an Archbishop that views people (diversity?) as a growing problem.

I think I have said this before -- Archbishop Rowan Williams, Canon Kenneth Kearon, shame on you! Time for both of you to retire.

Hat Tip to Katie Sherrod
Hat Tip to Mark Harris

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