Sunday, June 26, 2011

SPREADing the Manure

There is a "new" name amongst the Conelonialists, Charles Raven.  His little slice of heaven is called SPREAD - yes and acronym for The Society for the Propagation of Reformed Evangelical Anglican Doctrine .  And, I would believe that Charles Raven is the chief spreader.  The Head Spread, if you will.  He, like so many of his brethren are one sided and his argumentation  is based on "My way or the highway".  Where this guy came from I am not sure nor who he really is but I know where he is going.  Let me SPREAD some information:
The Society is dedicated to the preservation and propagation of the reformed Christian faith as classically expressed in the Anglican Formularies, the Thirty-nine Articles, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal.
Here is his tie to the Conelonialists:

In 1999 the then diocesan bishop publicly disowned Resolution 1.10 of the 1998 Lambeth Conference which reaffirmed biblical teaching on sexuality. As a result St John’s, under Charles’ leadership, broke fellowship with the bishop as a matter of biblical conscience and in 2002 it became necessary to continue as a self funded mission congregation outside the official structures of the Church of England, now known as Christ Church Wyre Forest.

And renowned writer and great theologian that he is he has come up with this little gem almost ALL BY HIMSELF.

Events between the 1998 and 2008 Lambeth Conferences demonstrate decisively that the Communion's present "instruments of unity", including the See of Canterbury itself, are no longer fit for purpose when confronted with deep theological confusion in which evil is held out as good and good as evil. A merely institutional unity not firmly rooted in the revealed truths of God's Word written is not only counterfeit but also toxic, exposing the whole Communion to the false teaching and immorality absorbed by the Western Churches.

As I wrote earlier, we are headed down a one-way road that ends with a train wreck.  The AMiE will turn out the current Church of England and "recreate  itself anew".  If the Archbishop of Canterbury does not start with eliminating these cancers from the body of the Anglican Communion the Communion will die -- at least ass we know it. 

I have been harping on  this very issue for months and months to no avail.  If you, the Archbishop of Canterbury and his henchmen do not get with the program pretty damn quick the Archbishop of Canterbury is going to be the Archbishop of weareallburied.

As to our formal SPREADERS, you will be outed along with your Latimer Trust and every other group that supports your hatred and spews your lies. 

Still more to come!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Is A Poke In the Eye -- Just A Poke In the Eye?

Well folks, the report from the SCCC is released  and can be found at The Lead.  Thanks to Jim Naughton for all his labor and intense pressure brought to bear on the Executive Council to have the report released.  This document is a long, thoughtful and precise examination of the impact of the Anglican Covenant on the Constitutions and Canons of the Episcopal Church in he United States of America.  I sure hope it makes everyone feel better.

The Anglican Covenant was borne out of a combination of hate by the Global South Primates and a lustful desire for power that only can be satisfied by being the absolute ruler.  In this case, Robert Duncan, John David Schofield, Jack Iker, Peter Jensen, Peter Akinola, Micael Nazir-Ali, Henri Luke Orombi and several others want to play "god".  They have placed scripture as the end all and be all AND have positioned themselves as the only true doctors of the church that not only can understand scripture but can interpret it as well!

What do they hate?  They hate any and all LGBT persons who have been called by our Savior to be included in the full life of the church.  They hate women, especially those in powerful positions such as priest, bishops and presiding bishops.  These primates and would be pretenders to the throne will not even take communion with the Presiding Bishop of our Episcopal Church. 

The Windsor Report gave the Global South the opportunity to band together to steal property from the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, and soon, the Church of England.  While they were doing that, providing a safe haven for thieves and deposed bishops and priests, we were distracted by the wonderful Archbishop of Canterbury telling us we had violated the Windsor Report and slapping our wrists.  And we, the Episcopal Church in the United States of America took it. We wrung our hands and tried to figure out how to play nice because that is what everyone asked us to do and we are the good child and follow our parents command.

Then the Global South/FCA and all the alphabet soup came up with this Anglican Covenant thingy.  We talked about and through it for four iterations.  All the while GAFCON and the Jerusalem Document was formed/written, the ACNA Province was formed and made Robert Duncan a provincial ruler -- yep, a deposed bishop gets to play with the big boys while we were wrestling with the iterations of the Anglican Covenant.

In the next few weeks and months were are going to continue the debate over the adoption of this silly piece of paper in hopes that we can hold the Anglican Communion together.  Guess what?  The Global south does not care one whit about this document or the Anglican Communion.  They have called for another GAFCON conference with a pre-conference to be held in New York (how is that for a slap in the face/).  The FCA has set up shop calling themselves the AMiE so that they can be legitimized in the eyes of the Anglican Communion by being -- what else but Anglican.  They have also sent Martyn Minns to England to set up shop as well.

Hey, but we have this lengthy, well written, beautiful piece of work that has provided the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with a way to review and analyze the Anglican Covenant especially as it impacts our Constitutions and Canons.  We, collectively have spent more time on this one document throughout the Episcopal Church than we have spent on Episcopal Relief and Development in the last three years.  More time on the Anglican Communion than on seeking out ways to enforce the depositions of those who have stolen property from the four diocese.  We have spent more time on this document than on almost anything you can name.  And for what?  Do you think the Anglican Communion is going to last more than a few years?  At least as we know it? 

Once again we have spent more time on trying to figure out why we got poked in the eye with a sharp stick than is in our wildest imaginations even necessary.  The Anglican Covenant, the poke in the eye, is just that, a poke in the eye. 

Have we had enough time reacting to all the junk that has been thrown at us?  It is time to make some bold statements and  move forward. Give the Global South something to really talk and worry about,  they love numbers -- we love people -- they love buildings and cash -- we love Christ and the bringing His message to the world.  Can the Executive Council and the rest of the elite structure of our church stop being the patsie and start leading in such a way that those on the outside will want to come in to the inside.  Our tent is big -- we know that.  Let's by not only words but by actions show the world we belong to Christ and not to some Anglican Covenant.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Is Too Late -- At Least For Some

Well, England is about to be invaded!  By whom you ask?  By those who would pretend to be Anglican and need a basis for claiming as such.  I have preached about this for almost all the time I have been blogging and now we are on the cusp of a New Anglican Communion, one that does not involve the Archbishop of Canterbury, and in fact does not involve the Church of England (as we know it) at all.

A new work is being performed by the global south/GAFCON/Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans.

Here is the beginning of the end:

The Anglican Mission in England (AMIE) held its inaugural event on Wednesday June 22 during an evangelical ministers’ conference in central London.
AMIE has been established as a society within the Church of England dedicated to the conversion of England and biblical church planting. There is a steering committee and a panel of bishops. The bishops aim to provide effective oversight in collaboration with senior clergy.

Yep, that which began in America and was fostered by the Archbishop of Canterbury in a crazy attempt to appease the Conelonialists has now come back to bite ++Rowan in of all places -- England!

And why?  Well the answer is fund in the following simple statement:

The AMIE will continue to encourage church planting and all forms of Christian witness in accord with the Jerusalem Statement of the GAFCON Conference in June 2008.

According to the Jerusalem Declaration the Archbishop of Canterbury is an antiquated idea that has become superfluous to the GAFCON congregations.  So, Martyn Minns is in and Rowan Williams is out.

What this group needs desperately, is a claim to English succession.  Planting the AMiE will give them that.  John David Schofield has said all along he will keep the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin close to the Anglican Communion.  Now we know what he meant. 

In addition, they really do not need much out of England other than a few throwback bishops, preferably those that have been deposed so they will all look alike.  And, here is the kicker, I have to admit I was incredibly and devastatingly wrong about Mr. Robert Duncan.  I have said for years that he was pissed that a woman go t the job he so richly deserved and that he was out for his own province. Wrong, he is out for his own Communion!  Why have a diocese when one can have a province and why have a province when one can have a communion.

So, let's get back to arguing about the Anglican Covenant so that we do not have to worry about this.  If we do not feel stupid yet, just wait a little bit longer, it will become clearer in just a few months.

Archbishop Rowan Williams,  I will ask you a question someone once asked me, "Got your resume up to date?"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Call To Disband the Communion Partners


There is a subversive group within the Episcopal Church in the United States designed to work from within to destroy the Episcopal Church.  For those of you who do not know it, it refers to itself as the Communion Partners.  In the interest of transparency, there are at least four former rectors from the diocese of San Joaquin that were mentored by Mr. John David Schofield. One of those authored the constitutional revisions that the Conelonialists used to split from the Episcopal Church of the United States.   The interesting thing (at least one) is that these folks will not step up to the plate and declare their allegiance to the Global South.  They would rather pretend (for the definition of pretend please ask Leonardo Ricardo, he can fill you in) they are "working within" the confines of the Episcopal Church for the betterment of the Episcopal Church.  But let's look at their actions as based on their own commitments.

What follows is a direct quote from the CP website (in black) and the editorial comments (in blue).
Communion Partners

  • provide for those concerned a visible link to the Anglican Communion
The only real Anglicans in the United States belong to the Episcopal Church and we are already represented by the Presiding Bishop to the rest of the world.

Many within our dioceses and in congregations in other dioceses seek to be assured of their connection to the Anglican Communion. Traditionally, this has been understood in terms of bishop-to-bishop relationships. Communion Partners fleshes out this connection in a significant and symbolic way.

Again, the only real Anglicans in the United States are represented by the Presiding Bishop.  She, has and continues to reassure the entire Episcopal community within the United states that we are "connected".  I am unclear about this concept of "bishop to bishop" since each province is represented by the primate of that province.  Our basic relationship within the Anglican Communion is Primate to Primate.  The  Communion partners have violated this concept on a number of occasions including a surreptitious meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury that was never sanctioned by our Presiding Bishop.
  • provide fellowship, support and a forum for mutual concerns between bishops
The House of Bishops in the United States provides a perfect opportunity for this.  The idea that a combination of rectors and renegade bishops can do this better through some back door methodology is pure pride.

The Communion Partner bishops share many concerns about the Anglican Communion and its future and look to work together with Primates and Bishops from the wider Communion. In addition, we believe we all have need of mutual encouragement, prayer, and reassurance. The Communion Partners will be a forum for these kinds of relationships.

This is not their role.  The role of a bishop is to provide pastoral care to their diocese.  The role of the primates is to discuss Anglican Communion relationships.  What pride! What ambition! Why do the diocese for which these power hungry folks come from allow them the time to do that.  I bet these bishops are the same ones that tell their diocese that they do not have the time to meet with each church on a yearly basis.
  • provide a partnership to work toward the Anglican Covenant and according to Windsor Principles
This is not their job/role either.  They should be directing the affairs of their diocese and allow the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies to take care of these events.  They are usurping the role of the people who are elected and attend convention.

The Communion Partner bishops will work together according to the principles outlined in the Windsor Report and seek a comprehensive Anglican Covenant at the Lambeth Conference and beyond.

Once again, did the Presiding Bishop abdicate her role and did the deputies to convention abdicate their role so that this group that "clearly represents the majority of the Episcopal Church" could fill in for them?

This ragtag spawn of John David Schofield should be disbanded immediately.  We do not need a bunch of cowards to weak to declare their allegiance to the Global South and too lustful of power and too much like their "friends" in Fort Worth and Pittsburgh and San Joaquin to really be a part of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.  Communion Partners please do not go away angry, just go away.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let's Give The Anglican Covenant All The Time It Deserves

The Anglican Covenant was born out of a combination of pure hate and absolute lust.
Those who put forth the covenant, primarily the Global South better known as Conelonialists, determined a long time ago to kill the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.  As far as I can tell, the Anglican Church of Canada runs a real close second but the primary goal was/is to eliminate the Episcopal Church of the United States.  This group hates women, as does little Bobby Duncan and big old "Texas" Jack Iker and rolly polly John David Schofield.  It hates the LGBT community and has enlisted not only many unwitting laity from the United States but has found an incredibly strong financial partner in the Institute for Religion and Democracy.  But make no mistake, the goal since before the year 2000, was to put the Episcopal Church out of business.  But the ultimate result is for this group of primates, Orombi, Akinola, Duncan, Jensen, Venables, et al, is to either completely take over the Anglican Communion OR to form a new Anglican Communion and take it over.  In either case, and I believe they do not care which of these two results is the final one, they just want to be the power.  Yes, it is lust, but it is lusting for power. 

This group of primates, the Conelonialists, lust for power.  Therein may be the reason why they are so intent on distracting everyone by use (or abuse) of the LGBT community.  Read their documents from the Chapman Memo to the Jerusalem Declaration to everything in between.  They are a lustful bunch hell bent on taking all the power they can get and using it for their own advantage.  They accuse everyone else of carnal sins that violate the biblical commandments when all along it is they who are the real violators.  Their lust for power consumes them all and they will not stop until they have what they want.  Talk about out of control human beings, wow!  Read their statements and see if this is not a perfect match!

And, the Archbishop of Canterbury is knee deep in this as well, but for a slightly different reason.  He has been chosen by the Crown to lead the Church of England and by definition, the Anglican Communion.  Why does he do what he does, generally violating his own personal faith and principles to get there?  Because of power!  He has been "chosen by the crown" (read that by God) to lead his community and he dare not let it slip away.  Read the Archbishops books if you think it does not violate his personal beliefs.   His lust for power is one in holding the Communion together at all costs.  He does not want to be the Archbishop that under his watch witnessed the destruction of the Anglican empire!  So he balances everyone against the middle.  See his latest antics if you do not believe that, he is holding the communion together at all costs, including his own soul.  He cannot afford to have primates taking his power and wielding it like a sword cutting off "errant" provinces heads at a moments notice and on a whim.  No, no, no, that just will never do.  It is so messy and he can do so much better of a job.  He does not want a split communion even though by definition the Conelonialists cannot be Anglican without him.
So you see, this covenant is something no one should even spend a moments worth of time on since it is born out of hatred and lsut and will serve no good no matter how one has "wrapped the present".   But, we (as well as every other province) struggles to come to grips with a stupid, worthless document that will serve no one any good at all.  In the meantime, we watch as the Conelonialists continue their lustful charge for more power.  They set up offices in England, the call for another GAFCON conference and we fiddle while Rome burns.  If we do not snap out of this pretty quick we will deserve exactly what we get.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ignorance Is Bliss

I believe this is the new mantra for the Conelonialists. Why do I believe that?  Well, the final Canadian Supreme Court decision has been out for days.  Many bloggers have picked up on it and written about it.  The problem is that none of the "biggies" have even mentioned the decision.  What is the decision, you may ask.  In a nutshell the Supreme Court of Canada has determined that the property that was stolen from the Anglican Church of Canada by the Conelonialists and there henchmen MUST be returned to the rightful owners, that would be the Anglican Church of Canada.  Let me say this one more time so that everyone can understand -- The one, final and complete decision in Canada is that ALL the property stolen by the friends of the Anglican Church in North America must be returned to the Anglican Church of Canada.

Now, this, it would seem is good news for us in San Joaquin, Fort Worth, Quincy, Virginia, Pittsburgh and while Canada has nothing to do with us here in the United States it is big news for us.  Except no one from Stand Limp to Title 1/9 and MJC and even Karaoke Land has never mentioned one word. 

The only thing I can posit is that ignorance is bliss -- but you already knew that.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Death Be Not Proud

DEATH be not proud, though some have called thee
Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou art not so,
For, those, whom thou think'st, thou dost overthrow,
Die not, poore death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
From rest and sleepe, which but thy pictures bee, 5
Much pleasure, then from thee, much more must flow,
And soonest our best men with thee doe goe,
Rest of their bones, and soules deliverie.
Thou art slave to Fate, Chance, kings, and desperate men,
And dost with poyson, warre, and sicknesse dwell, 10
And poppie, or charmes can make us sleepe as well,
And better then thy stroake; why swell'st thou then;
One short sleepe past, wee wake eternally,
And death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die.

John Donne

I thought this to be appropo for the moment. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Real Anglicans Own Thier Own Property

It appears that the long awaited day has arrived, at least in Canada.  The Supreme Court of Canada as well as two lower courts have ruled in favor of the Anglican Church in Canada.  That is to say, the property that was absconded with by those who left the Anglican Church to form the Anglican Network in Canada have had their final day in court and lost.  According to some records those ANiC folks spent over $1.3 million in their quest for recognition. 

The current bishop, the Right Reverend Michael Ingham, tired and worn but quietly satisfied then said,
"The money, time, and energy taken up by this long and unnecessary conflict can now be directed back to the real work of the Church."
Cheryl Chang, special counsel to the ANiC, said Thursday the court decision was "extremely disappointing" and should be of concern to all Christians.
"While these congregations have remained steadfast in their faith, and have not changed the traditional teaching of the Christian church, they have now been called to sacrifice all their assets, including their church properties, for the sake of their faith."
Chang added: "We just have to find new places to worship."

I think the only way to interpret what Ms. Change says is as follows: "Remained steadfast in their faith means supported greedy, power hungry bishops in their quest for Anglican domination."  "Have not changed the traditional teachings of the Christian Church (except modified the "Thou Shalt not steal commandment as authenticated by the Supreme Court of Canada)".   "Have now been called to sacrifice all their assets including their church properties (I refer you to the commandment thou shalt not steal).

For those of you occupying the property here in San Joaquin that does not belong to you, and to those in all the other schismatic diocese that are occupying property that does not belong to them I call upon you to call your leaders to task for the sinful waste of your money (see the costs to ANiC ) and stop now and give the property back to the rightful owners.  Now is better than later.  You also can "just find new places to worship".

The Real Anglicans in Canada own their property as do the only Real Anglicans in the United States.

H/T Vancover Sun
H/T The Lead
H/T Diocese of New Westminister

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Many People Were At The Cross

I am still flabbergasted at the Global South's infatuation with numbers, inflated, regurgitated, and created for the sole purpose of the personal gratification of people such as John David Schofield, Robert Duncan, Peter Akinola, Henry Luke Orombi, and Gregory Venables and Peter Jensen. 
 From the time I first came into the Diocese of San Joaquin these folks starting with John  David Schofield have insisted that the way to heaven is through more and more and larger and larger numbers of people coming into the parish/diocese.  That motivation has in part led to the idea that any action that might reduce those numbers is morally wrong.  So, we get this little ditty from the man closest to virtue:

Bishop Chester Talton of the rump TEC Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin has told diocesan clergy that as of the Sunday of Pentecost, June 12, they may bless what a press release called "sacred unions."

The June 7 release said that, following consideration by the diocese's Equality Commission, "the clergy in the Diocese of San Joaquin may perform blessings of same-gender civil marriages, domestic partnerships and relationships which are lifelong committed relationships characterized by 'fidelity, monogamy, mutual affection and respect, careful, honest communication, and the holy love which enables those in such relationships to see in each other the image of God.' "

Talton's authorization notes that because Episcopal Church canons and California law do not allow same-gender marriage, no diocesan priest may solemnize such a marriage until both sets of laws allow such an act, and the diocesan bishop specifically allows such solemnization. No priest is required to bless same-gender relationships.

 San Joaquin's decision came in part, the release said, in response to General Convention Resolution C056 which states that "bishops, particularly those in dioceses within civil jurisdictions where same-gender marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships are legal, may provide generous pastoral response to meet the needs of members of this church."

Now you know why the bulk of this diocese fled TEC and is now a member of the Anglican Church in North America.

One of the hallmarks of the continuing diocese of  San Joaquin is we are now connected to the rest of the Episcopal Church.  That connection develops into a strong desire to follow Christ  particularly as it relates to including ALL of God's children in all of the sacraments -- marriage included.  If in doing so it means that we lose some "membership" then so be it.  If it means we were to lose all the membership then so be it.  There were but a handful at the cross when Jesus died.  We recognize that fact. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Purple Shirts Are Coming! The Purple Shirts Are Coming!

Here is the latest news from the other side:

Global South Primates are planning a second GAFCON in 2013 to be preceded by a leadership conference in New York in 2012. This can only be seen by Dr. Williams as a smack in the face against his authority as GAFCON represents more Anglicans than he does. What about the failure of pan-Anglican liberalism doesn't he understand?
And how do we know this?  Well, not only has the website of GAFCON announced it but David Virtue has declared it to be true, and David Virtue would never lie to anyone.

That means the crack team of Gregory Venables, Peter Akinola, Henry Luke Orombi, Peter Jensen and the whole cast of :"Conelonialists come to town:  one if by land and two if by sea." are coming to New York in 2012.  These are the same fellows who gave safe harbor for the "Anglican" diocese of San Joaquin, Fort Worth, Pittsburgh and Quincy.  In exchange these diocese have sent cash to these neer-do-wells particularly in the first year of their absconding with the property (including cash). 

Well, I may have suggested this before but the time is really ripe what with the whole cast here in 2012.  Let's issue subpoenas to each and everyone who has received any cash from these diocese on the premise that they are part of the grand theft church property.  Then, let's request the police/state department to pull their passports and visas until the lawsuits can be settled.  How long do you think it would be before the lawsuits were once and for all settled?  You are reading correctly, let's wait till everyone gets to New York and then lock everyone in a room until the lawsuits are settled.  What do you all think?

And just asking, but do you suppose anyone in GAFCON has asked the Presiding Bishop for her permission to come to New York, her hometown to hold this conference?  Aren't we part of the Anglican Communion -- at least for a little while longer.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hallmarks of The Faux Anglican Diocese

I am not sure anyone has yet to categorize those issues that are near and dear to the hearts of those who live in the world of Faux Anglicanism, better known as the Global South.  Let us see if we can hit some of them today.

First, solo scripture -- the only thing that matters is scripture.  God said it, I believe it, that is all there is to it.  Please do not confuse me with the facts.  And, it appears that the Old Testament carries more weight than the new testament.  How do I know this?  Well, read the blogs that cater to the Conelonialists and the Old Testament is more often quoted than any other thing (except Matt Kennedy).  They seem to use the New Testament only when forced to and then just enough to dance on the head of a pin and no more.  The most noted outcomes from this are the hatred for women and LGBT members of our community.  They are always quick to point out how someone or some group is not fit to be at the rail with them or their minions but are real slow on the part about helping others such as Matthew 25.

Second, lots and lots and lots of male Bishops.  I did a parody a few months back on this but it seems that there is just no end to the amount of bishops these folks want and need.  The only other religious group that has more bishops than the Global South/ACNA would be the Mormons.  you can always tell the lead up to a new one by the things the soon to be bishop talks about. I am humble, following the spirit, driven by the Lord, my path has led me to this since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  And yet, the more they consecrate the more they fly all over the world.  And, ever hear these folks talk about their "flock" except in raw numbers?  I gots 40 billion, that is two billion more than the Catholics and 75 billion more than the Episcopal Church.

Third, speaking of raw numbers, the Global South/ACNA has this burning need to have more laity than any other group known to man including the Catholics.  These folks like to proceed any conversation about the Episcopal Church in the United States with how many laity they have and how few (and getting fewer or is it lesser) the Episcopal Church has all the time.  Why pretty soon, ACNA is going to have enough people to occupy several planets each one with at least forty bishops.

Fourth, they have a burning need to evangelize, especially the young families.  They are out there all the time bringing in more and more and more to their church.  Do you suppose it is fro the good of Christ?  No, of course not.  They simply want to tell the Archbishop of Canterbury how many kabillions of new Anglicans he will have when he recognizes ACNA as the new Anglicans in the United States.

Finally, they are fond of telling the world how the Archbishop has recognized the good friend of the Archbishop of Uganda who has recognized the Bishop of Farout who has recognized the priests and bishop of oh say, San Joaquin, which nullifies their being stripped of orders and therefore they have been sorta, kinda, almost for real recognized by the Anglican Communion.

There ya go, any thing else to add?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hope I Die Before I Get Old --

The heading is taken from a Who song in the early sixties entitled My Generation.  I think, no I believe, that the 1960's were an extraordinary time.  Many of us came of age, in more ways than one, during this tumultuous time.  We rejected many of the staid and unprovable "facts of Life" in favor of a more thinking or at least a more thoughtful approach to the world.  The political idea that you were either for us or against us crumbled with the Vietnam war.  The social mores that there were white and black drinking fountains, and restrooms and soda fountains were rejected as separate but not really equal.  We were brought up on VISTA and the PEACE Corps and service to one's community and country was the highest calling to which one could respond.  Religiously, starting with the Catholic church the walls came down and the windows and doors were kicked open.  My lament at this point in my life, is what the heck happened?  We traded in on tie-dye for blue serge and our service to mankind in favor of service to ourselves.

I had a brief  discussion with Mr. Dale (can't be father since he was defrocked) Matson in which for some strange reason, he and at least Mr. McAlister (both Conelonialists) find the whole world came crashing down when "sex, drugs, and rock and roll" came to the foreground in the 1960s.  That it is my generation more than anything else that has caused them to reject everything we stand for and in order to return to those golden years of the 1930's??? (I guess).  Our move to full inclusion is racked by secular humanism, not by Christ's two great commandments and it seems that punishment and not forgiveness is what Jesus/God is known for and how can we possibly get those two mixed up!

Why do I bring all this up?  Am I hung up on the 60's?  Well, actually I didn't start the discussion but I find their arguments to be so out of my world view as to be almost silly, if the argument was not so narrowly defined and in fact blinded by superficial facts.  But, more importantly, I cannot live with a group that espouses a world view I cannot understand and do not believe in.  So what you say?  So, one more reason to move on as we are and IF the Anglican Communion moves with us fine, if it does not, no great loss.

People try to put us d-down (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Just because we get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I hope I die before I get old (Talkin' 'bout my generation)

This is my generation
This is my generation, baby

Why don't you all f-fade away (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
And don't try to dig what we all s-s-say (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I'm not trying to cause a big s-s-sensation (Talkin' 'bout my generation)
I'm just talkin' 'bout my g-g-g-generation (Talkin' 'bout my generation)

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Big Huge Awful Terrible Lie!

This is a huge lie. It is Coward and the Church of England's homosexuals (and TEC's) along with their refusal to be obedient to scripture that is destroying the Anglican Communion. It is why GAFCON/FCA exists. It is why there is a Jerusalem Declaration and why a Covenant will not hold the Anglican Communion together. It is why Primates of the Global South will never sit down again with Katharine Jefferts Schori or attend another Primates meeting. They will never be seen in the same room with her. The only time they will be seen on US soil is to announce the date for the next GAFCON meeting in Jerusalem or to converse with ACNA Archbishop Robert Duncan.
Here we have a direct quote from the one who, believes if you say something long and loud enough everyone will believe it.

I am going to skip all the niceties, all the subtle nuances and get to the heart of the matter.  No, those in GAFCON/FCA, especially the Americans (and we all know who they are by now), use this LGBT thing as a ruse.  The Americans have joined the Global South to grab as much power as they can.  These folks literally lust after power.  That is the most un-Christian thing of it all -- they beat up a small vulnerable segment of society in order to accrue as much earthly power as is possible.

That is the long and the short of it!