Monday, September 3, 2012


Do you remember when you worked a 10 hour day 6 and 7 days a week?  Remember when you never received shift differential and overtime meant you got home after supper?  Remember when you worked the construction industry and you had no protection against acetone and asbestos and all the other deadly chemicals everyone was exposed to?  Remember when your children worked 8 OR 10 hours a day in a sweatshop?Remember when you never had holidays, vacation or sick leave?   Remember when you received a dollar a day and you lived in company quarters and you paid the company store and the debt from that store got past on to your children and great grandchildren?  Remember when you were hurt on the job and you lost weeks and weeks of pay?  Remember when you were fired for going to your spouse's funeral and you never got unemployment? Remember when the farm workers were paid 50 or 75 cents per day, lived in "provided housing". Remember when the boss's best friend got the promotion and you got squat?

You say you don't remember these things at all?  Of course not because so many of our fathers and grandfathers literally fought and died for the rights of workers.  And Unions were formed and unions bargained for the basic necessities of life.  You say you don't remember and it could never happen again?  Review the minimum wage laws and see how many Republicans vote against it!  Review worker's compensation laws and see how many Republicans vote against it!  review the state disability laws and see how many Republicans voted against it!

If you don't think it can happen again listen to the issues in Wisconsin.  Did you know that between Governor Brown and President Pro Temp Darrel Steinburg (BOTH DEMOCRATS) the public pension system in the State of California was gutted.  The average teacher retires at about $39,000 per year in pension but they felt it was too much.  Never mind that these pensions had been bargained.  That teachers usually go their whole life and never see a distributive scheme let  alone profit from it or more to the point ruin other peoples pensions by using it. But hey, the rich get tax breaks and the teachers and other public servants get to pay for the tax breaks.

If you think it can happen again then say THANK YOU to all our union constituents for all the hard work, then, now and in the future.  Happy Labor Day. A Vote for Romney is a vote for eliminating Labor Day.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Power - That's My Speciality

Here is the latest from the diocese of South Carolina.  This is actually taken from the website of the SC Episcopalians but the beginning three paragraphs make a point I have been working over for years.
The point is that the need to create ACNA or AMIA or any other multiple lettered acronym is nothing more than a power grab by those who choose to be above the law.  Here it is:
CHARLESTON - The Cathedral of St. Luke& St. Paul is moving forward with plans to sever ties with the Episcopal Church, and shift its loyalty to something called “the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina” (PECDSC). Diocesan leaders have been quietly encourag ing parishes in the Diocese to amend their corporate documents to replace references to the Episcopal Church with similar references to the PECDSC. That is what the communicants of the Cathedral will be asked to do at a meeting of its congregation on September 9th.

Attorneys advising SC Episcopalians believe over the past two years the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina under Bishop Lawrence has re-invented itself as a "religious organization" separate from the Episcopal Church.
The PECDSC’s corporate documents do not include an all important clause that accedes to the Constitution of the Episcopal Church, or otherwise does not include provisions that that impede accession to the Constitution of the Episcopal Church. This is important because unqualified accession to the Constitution of the Church is essential for membership
Notice that South Carolina has already been spoken for by some bozo.bishop from ACNA and so Bishop Lawrence has decided to create his own diocese -- it appears that it may be his own Anglican Province.  John David Schofield taught him all he knows and is probably part of Bishop Lawrence's kitchen cabinet.  It is hard to believe but this has all been about a power grab.  These folks did not like the election of a woman to the position of Presiding Bishop, not just because she is a woman (though that has a lot to do with it) but because they think they can do a better job.  So, we have provinces and AiMa stuff and Church of Rwanda and GAFCON and all these folks trying to become bishops and those who are bishops trying to become popes. 
Someone really ought to put all these folks in a long long timeout..