Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Is San Joaquin Doing?

How is the Diocese of San Joaquin doing now?  I have no idea if this is a burning question in any one's mind outside of this diocese (except for the Executive Council and a few others in god ole NY -- I explain in a moment or two).  Also, let me say this, this is a person in the pew review with no special knowledge.  I stopped having whatever "special knowledge" sometime ago due to "issues".

Litigation: Have you ever witnessed grass grow?  Well, litigation is slower than that (I'd like to think that is a joke but it is not!)  All the bad guys who gave in early, precious few as they may be, did so and the rest are in a continuing litigious mood.  By and large we do okay but I expect that most people directly involved in the illegal split may be forgotten by the time it all ends.  True, we make progress but ever so slowly.

Returning Anglicans:  you know the ones I mean.  Much to my chagrin they return and like the prodigal son are welcomed with open arms.  The diocese believes that for those returning no harm no foul.  Grates on me personally since the Anglicans are neither repented or sorry or anything but slightly arrogant.  I fear we may have part two here in the Central Valley, but o well.

Liturgy and Worship:  Wow! we are good!

Outreach:  While we are better, it appears to be backsliding into "same o same o".  Too bad because there is so much need in the world.  But hope springs eternal and we may reach out to the many downtrodden.

Doctrine:  We are modern for the first time since Noah floated a boat. We are the "Big Tent". 

Finances:  The potential for the life of the diocese lies squarely on the shoulders of financial affairs.  We have received help from lots of places and continue to do so.  But the lack of a full complement of Episcopalians is the issue.  EVERYONE is working on this because it is so crucial.

There is great joy in this diocese.  Two great bishops! A revitalized clergy and laity stepping up to the plate,  For the most part the pall is gone.  But, we begin to slip back into the old ways.  Let the clergy do it.  From the clergy, you can trust us.  This is the second abyss.  Laity have stepped up but clergy have begun to flex again.

There you have it -- everything fit to print.  Any questions?


PseudoPiskie said...

Thank you, Fred. We were talking about San Joaquin yesterday and wondering how it is going. Prayers for you continue.

JCF said...

Re the Returnees, Fred: go the second mile.

As far as the reward for those who stayed Faithful throughout? "Stars in your crown", as my mom (OBM) used to say. God sees all.

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...


I just cannot quite get there. They leave because they have a "history" with the building and they return because they have no place else to go. I do not mind welcoming them back but I would propose a 5 year ban on their participation in any and all elections and offfices.

Sorry, I know you are correct, I just cannot get there from here.

Leonard said...

I think it´s irresponsible, and twisted and codependent (the easy way someone thinkswhich is un-Christian)for the doers of damage to not be held responsible for their deeds of damaging the lives of others...some kind of public statement of intentions to others
is called for or some older ¨vows¨ are needed to be renewed...trotting around like ¨nothing happened¨ is allowing dangerous children to arrogantly self-deceive when they harm others...that´s what I think (and I would guess this kind of generous fecklessness comes from the PB).