Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy News

I suppose I can be depressing at times, Lord knows I get depressed, however, this time I wish to share some personal and happy news.

First, our daughter, after studying hard for many years, having two children and a myriad of other things happen in her life, has now completed her credential.  Not only that, but she now has a teaching position -- in California no less! 

Second, today our son begins his quest to become a Naval Officer.  He is a Petty Officer, currently, or more correctly (as of today) an Officer Candidate.  He was trained as a nuclear type and did one deployment in the gulf. Already, he has moved a number of times and will do so many more times. He has a very patient wife and two children also.

So that I can tie this into the  blog, both families are practicing Episcopalians.  Our daughter is very, very active and has done a mission to Chile.   Currently serving on a vestry as the fund raising person.  Her son has been featured with the Presiding Bishop and has never missed a convention.

I just wanted my readers, indeed anyone who stumbles across this humble blog to know that there are young families who love the Episcopal Church and are willing to make Christ the center of their lives and to make the Episcopal Church the center of their earthly attention.

We are a small family that has struggled through the trials and tribulations of the diocese of San Joaquin.  But, take heart, a new generation is coming to take over.  A generation of people willing to work for what they believe in, Christ made manifest through the Episcopal Church.

By the way, my wife and I could not be prouder of two children (and of course four grandchildren) who are on their way to success both spiritually and physically.  We love them very much and hold them up for all to see, the torch is not only passing to a new generation (thanks JFK) but the torch has been accepted.


Leonard said...

Thank you...*that* makes me fill-up with joy. Best to all, Len/Leonardo

JCF said...

Mazel Tov! Many, many blessings, Fred, to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Great-your children and grandchildren are booked on the "Andrea Doria" of denominations, a church with a median age of 58 (and rising), and an average Sunday attendance (according to the "Christian Century") that's shrinking faster than the polar ice caps.
Oh, and you're still over 95% White and middle/upper middle class, even after 40 years of "Celebrating our diversity!".

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Turnip Ghost -

So, let's play the numbers game, shall we. Now, let me set you straight -- my children and grandchildren have the great opportunity to look across the divide and listen as your attempt to go wartn your brothers and sisters about what really needs to be done is DENIED.