Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let's Give The Anglican Covenant All The Time It Deserves

The Anglican Covenant was born out of a combination of pure hate and absolute lust.
Those who put forth the covenant, primarily the Global South better known as Conelonialists, determined a long time ago to kill the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.  As far as I can tell, the Anglican Church of Canada runs a real close second but the primary goal was/is to eliminate the Episcopal Church of the United States.  This group hates women, as does little Bobby Duncan and big old "Texas" Jack Iker and rolly polly John David Schofield.  It hates the LGBT community and has enlisted not only many unwitting laity from the United States but has found an incredibly strong financial partner in the Institute for Religion and Democracy.  But make no mistake, the goal since before the year 2000, was to put the Episcopal Church out of business.  But the ultimate result is for this group of primates, Orombi, Akinola, Duncan, Jensen, Venables, et al, is to either completely take over the Anglican Communion OR to form a new Anglican Communion and take it over.  In either case, and I believe they do not care which of these two results is the final one, they just want to be the power.  Yes, it is lust, but it is lusting for power. 

This group of primates, the Conelonialists, lust for power.  Therein may be the reason why they are so intent on distracting everyone by use (or abuse) of the LGBT community.  Read their documents from the Chapman Memo to the Jerusalem Declaration to everything in between.  They are a lustful bunch hell bent on taking all the power they can get and using it for their own advantage.  They accuse everyone else of carnal sins that violate the biblical commandments when all along it is they who are the real violators.  Their lust for power consumes them all and they will not stop until they have what they want.  Talk about out of control human beings, wow!  Read their statements and see if this is not a perfect match!

And, the Archbishop of Canterbury is knee deep in this as well, but for a slightly different reason.  He has been chosen by the Crown to lead the Church of England and by definition, the Anglican Communion.  Why does he do what he does, generally violating his own personal faith and principles to get there?  Because of power!  He has been "chosen by the crown" (read that by God) to lead his community and he dare not let it slip away.  Read the Archbishops books if you think it does not violate his personal beliefs.   His lust for power is one in holding the Communion together at all costs.  He does not want to be the Archbishop that under his watch witnessed the destruction of the Anglican empire!  So he balances everyone against the middle.  See his latest antics if you do not believe that, he is holding the communion together at all costs, including his own soul.  He cannot afford to have primates taking his power and wielding it like a sword cutting off "errant" provinces heads at a moments notice and on a whim.  No, no, no, that just will never do.  It is so messy and he can do so much better of a job.  He does not want a split communion even though by definition the Conelonialists cannot be Anglican without him.
So you see, this covenant is something no one should even spend a moments worth of time on since it is born out of hatred and lsut and will serve no good no matter how one has "wrapped the present".   But, we (as well as every other province) struggles to come to grips with a stupid, worthless document that will serve no one any good at all.  In the meantime, we watch as the Conelonialists continue their lustful charge for more power.  They set up offices in England, the call for another GAFCON conference and we fiddle while Rome burns.  If we do not snap out of this pretty quick we will deserve exactly what we get.

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