Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Hallmarks of The Faux Anglican Diocese

I am not sure anyone has yet to categorize those issues that are near and dear to the hearts of those who live in the world of Faux Anglicanism, better known as the Global South.  Let us see if we can hit some of them today.

First, solo scripture -- the only thing that matters is scripture.  God said it, I believe it, that is all there is to it.  Please do not confuse me with the facts.  And, it appears that the Old Testament carries more weight than the new testament.  How do I know this?  Well, read the blogs that cater to the Conelonialists and the Old Testament is more often quoted than any other thing (except Matt Kennedy).  They seem to use the New Testament only when forced to and then just enough to dance on the head of a pin and no more.  The most noted outcomes from this are the hatred for women and LGBT members of our community.  They are always quick to point out how someone or some group is not fit to be at the rail with them or their minions but are real slow on the part about helping others such as Matthew 25.

Second, lots and lots and lots of male Bishops.  I did a parody a few months back on this but it seems that there is just no end to the amount of bishops these folks want and need.  The only other religious group that has more bishops than the Global South/ACNA would be the Mormons.  you can always tell the lead up to a new one by the things the soon to be bishop talks about. I am humble, following the spirit, driven by the Lord, my path has led me to this since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  And yet, the more they consecrate the more they fly all over the world.  And, ever hear these folks talk about their "flock" except in raw numbers?  I gots 40 billion, that is two billion more than the Catholics and 75 billion more than the Episcopal Church.

Third, speaking of raw numbers, the Global South/ACNA has this burning need to have more laity than any other group known to man including the Catholics.  These folks like to proceed any conversation about the Episcopal Church in the United States with how many laity they have and how few (and getting fewer or is it lesser) the Episcopal Church has all the time.  Why pretty soon, ACNA is going to have enough people to occupy several planets each one with at least forty bishops.

Fourth, they have a burning need to evangelize, especially the young families.  They are out there all the time bringing in more and more and more to their church.  Do you suppose it is fro the good of Christ?  No, of course not.  They simply want to tell the Archbishop of Canterbury how many kabillions of new Anglicans he will have when he recognizes ACNA as the new Anglicans in the United States.

Finally, they are fond of telling the world how the Archbishop has recognized the good friend of the Archbishop of Uganda who has recognized the Bishop of Farout who has recognized the priests and bishop of oh say, San Joaquin, which nullifies their being stripped of orders and therefore they have been sorta, kinda, almost for real recognized by the Anglican Communion.

There ya go, any thing else to add?


Barry Fernelius said...

Two other things that are vitally important:

1. Misogyny
2. Gay Bashing

Barry Fernelius said...

Oh wait. From their point of view, those items were covered under Sola Scriptura. Lord have mercy!