Thursday, June 16, 2011

Real Anglicans Own Thier Own Property

It appears that the long awaited day has arrived, at least in Canada.  The Supreme Court of Canada as well as two lower courts have ruled in favor of the Anglican Church in Canada.  That is to say, the property that was absconded with by those who left the Anglican Church to form the Anglican Network in Canada have had their final day in court and lost.  According to some records those ANiC folks spent over $1.3 million in their quest for recognition. 

The current bishop, the Right Reverend Michael Ingham, tired and worn but quietly satisfied then said,
"The money, time, and energy taken up by this long and unnecessary conflict can now be directed back to the real work of the Church."
Cheryl Chang, special counsel to the ANiC, said Thursday the court decision was "extremely disappointing" and should be of concern to all Christians.
"While these congregations have remained steadfast in their faith, and have not changed the traditional teaching of the Christian church, they have now been called to sacrifice all their assets, including their church properties, for the sake of their faith."
Chang added: "We just have to find new places to worship."

I think the only way to interpret what Ms. Change says is as follows: "Remained steadfast in their faith means supported greedy, power hungry bishops in their quest for Anglican domination."  "Have not changed the traditional teachings of the Christian Church (except modified the "Thou Shalt not steal commandment as authenticated by the Supreme Court of Canada)".   "Have now been called to sacrifice all their assets including their church properties (I refer you to the commandment thou shalt not steal).

For those of you occupying the property here in San Joaquin that does not belong to you, and to those in all the other schismatic diocese that are occupying property that does not belong to them I call upon you to call your leaders to task for the sinful waste of your money (see the costs to ANiC ) and stop now and give the property back to the rightful owners.  Now is better than later.  You also can "just find new places to worship".

The Real Anglicans in Canada own their property as do the only Real Anglicans in the United States.

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