Saturday, June 25, 2011

When Is A Poke In the Eye -- Just A Poke In the Eye?

Well folks, the report from the SCCC is released  and can be found at The Lead.  Thanks to Jim Naughton for all his labor and intense pressure brought to bear on the Executive Council to have the report released.  This document is a long, thoughtful and precise examination of the impact of the Anglican Covenant on the Constitutions and Canons of the Episcopal Church in he United States of America.  I sure hope it makes everyone feel better.

The Anglican Covenant was borne out of a combination of hate by the Global South Primates and a lustful desire for power that only can be satisfied by being the absolute ruler.  In this case, Robert Duncan, John David Schofield, Jack Iker, Peter Jensen, Peter Akinola, Micael Nazir-Ali, Henri Luke Orombi and several others want to play "god".  They have placed scripture as the end all and be all AND have positioned themselves as the only true doctors of the church that not only can understand scripture but can interpret it as well!

What do they hate?  They hate any and all LGBT persons who have been called by our Savior to be included in the full life of the church.  They hate women, especially those in powerful positions such as priest, bishops and presiding bishops.  These primates and would be pretenders to the throne will not even take communion with the Presiding Bishop of our Episcopal Church. 

The Windsor Report gave the Global South the opportunity to band together to steal property from the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada, and soon, the Church of England.  While they were doing that, providing a safe haven for thieves and deposed bishops and priests, we were distracted by the wonderful Archbishop of Canterbury telling us we had violated the Windsor Report and slapping our wrists.  And we, the Episcopal Church in the United States of America took it. We wrung our hands and tried to figure out how to play nice because that is what everyone asked us to do and we are the good child and follow our parents command.

Then the Global South/FCA and all the alphabet soup came up with this Anglican Covenant thingy.  We talked about and through it for four iterations.  All the while GAFCON and the Jerusalem Document was formed/written, the ACNA Province was formed and made Robert Duncan a provincial ruler -- yep, a deposed bishop gets to play with the big boys while we were wrestling with the iterations of the Anglican Covenant.

In the next few weeks and months were are going to continue the debate over the adoption of this silly piece of paper in hopes that we can hold the Anglican Communion together.  Guess what?  The Global south does not care one whit about this document or the Anglican Communion.  They have called for another GAFCON conference with a pre-conference to be held in New York (how is that for a slap in the face/).  The FCA has set up shop calling themselves the AMiE so that they can be legitimized in the eyes of the Anglican Communion by being -- what else but Anglican.  They have also sent Martyn Minns to England to set up shop as well.

Hey, but we have this lengthy, well written, beautiful piece of work that has provided the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with a way to review and analyze the Anglican Covenant especially as it impacts our Constitutions and Canons.  We, collectively have spent more time on this one document throughout the Episcopal Church than we have spent on Episcopal Relief and Development in the last three years.  More time on the Anglican Communion than on seeking out ways to enforce the depositions of those who have stolen property from the four diocese.  We have spent more time on this document than on almost anything you can name.  And for what?  Do you think the Anglican Communion is going to last more than a few years?  At least as we know it? 

Once again we have spent more time on trying to figure out why we got poked in the eye with a sharp stick than is in our wildest imaginations even necessary.  The Anglican Covenant, the poke in the eye, is just that, a poke in the eye. 

Have we had enough time reacting to all the junk that has been thrown at us?  It is time to make some bold statements and  move forward. Give the Global South something to really talk and worry about,  they love numbers -- we love people -- they love buildings and cash -- we love Christ and the bringing His message to the world.  Can the Executive Council and the rest of the elite structure of our church stop being the patsie and start leading in such a way that those on the outside will want to come in to the inside.  Our tent is big -- we know that.  Let's by not only words but by actions show the world we belong to Christ and not to some Anglican Covenant.


Leonard said...

Fred, Thanks so much for this...why is it that we must keep going over and over the same information and those who wish to pretend and deny keep being surprised? Nothing new here yet I think many eyes will be opened from your update--we´ll expect more and more as time goes on a Anglicans become more alert as to what IS REALLY happening around them...I´ve cross posted, linked and flat out copied much of this at my blog-- mil gracias my brother.

June Butler said...

Fred, what a wonderful post. Thank you. You're right. What a waste of time on a POS.

Anonymous said...
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