Friday, June 3, 2011

The Big Huge Awful Terrible Lie!

This is a huge lie. It is Coward and the Church of England's homosexuals (and TEC's) along with their refusal to be obedient to scripture that is destroying the Anglican Communion. It is why GAFCON/FCA exists. It is why there is a Jerusalem Declaration and why a Covenant will not hold the Anglican Communion together. It is why Primates of the Global South will never sit down again with Katharine Jefferts Schori or attend another Primates meeting. They will never be seen in the same room with her. The only time they will be seen on US soil is to announce the date for the next GAFCON meeting in Jerusalem or to converse with ACNA Archbishop Robert Duncan.
Here we have a direct quote from the one who, believes if you say something long and loud enough everyone will believe it.

I am going to skip all the niceties, all the subtle nuances and get to the heart of the matter.  No, those in GAFCON/FCA, especially the Americans (and we all know who they are by now), use this LGBT thing as a ruse.  The Americans have joined the Global South to grab as much power as they can.  These folks literally lust after power.  That is the most un-Christian thing of it all -- they beat up a small vulnerable segment of society in order to accrue as much earthly power as is possible.

That is the long and the short of it!

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JimB said...


Now let's be fair. If they had the power they think they should, they would burn heretics and gays at the stake. So while they certainly are exploiting a minority to seek power, they would at some de minimus level keep faith with their supporters if they had it.

Of course if they got power they would almost certainly be burning some of those erstwhile supporters. (Cf. the ultra evangelicals at Anglicans Ablaze who would be a target) But as Joe Stalin observed, "you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs."

The irony is how many eggs think they are leaders. ;-)

Great post!