Friday, February 20, 2009

Out Of Touch

I believe that one of our growing number of deposed bishops moves further away from reality. John David Mercer Schofield writes a pile in his most current "Mister's Desk".

First let me get the obvious out of the way. Mr. Schofield says, "Greed, grab and selfishness have placed the whole nation at risk." Must have been looking in the mirror.

Okay, here is the heart of this post. JDS starts his column with "There are whole households where families are wondering how they are going to pay this months mortgage or keep healthy meals on the table."

I have first hand knowledge of families that eat one meal a day; that meal generally consists of beans as a main course (actually the only course). I know of at least three families that have given up their homes to foreclosure. I know many more that are on the brink. And, everyone thinks this started last November/December but the truth is it has been going on since November/December of 2007. The crisis didn't affect the middle class until just late last year but the working poor have been struggling with these issues for over a year.

Anyway, JDS goes on to describe his recent trip to Israel and how relaxing and how much fun it was. He couches his vacation on funds that came from the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin as time for "renewal". How about renewal at The Episcopal Conference Center at Oakhurst? JDS goes on to talk about all the free time he has to reflect and dream. I know a mother that works three jobs to keep a roof over the family and food on the table. She doesn't have time to sit with her children and help them with their homework. Many a father and mother I know when they are not doing odd jobs are looking for the next odd job. Fathers that come in and ask for an extension because they were not able to work the fields because of the rain.

Clearly, here is a person that has grown out of touch with the working world. He reflects to a "friend" that worked a lot, on this person's work habits, "Apart from the fact you are breaking one of the ten commandments . . ." I believe that JDS has never been hungry a day in his life. Never lived on the brink of losing his home and his family. Never had to worry about the next job. He lectures those who eek out a living on a daily basis. Break the commandments? Please, how about the need for basic sustenance and basic housing. What, pray tell, has JDS done to help those in real need? How about taking the money he traveled on to Israel and give it to those who need it for food and shelter? Oh, they are breaking the ten commandments, they can't be helped until they repent.

This high toned lecture on the need for rest in the middle of nothing less than a catastrophe for the working poor (and many middle class families) is just beyond reality. AND, he does this travel on Episcopal funds. Perhaps he knows his funds are about to disappear.

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