Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bloggers, Friends and Granfaloons

The Episcopal Diocese of  Fort Worth has now finished their primary work for the intervening period.  Tomorrow, there will be a celebratory Eucharist and then they must come down from the mountain top and once again go to work.  This is a good time to pause and salute those folks who have come so far since Jake's Place.  Let's begin with Father Jake,  The WorldStopper.  The blog to beget all blogs.  From this blog sprang a bunch of "them thar libral types".  

Father Mark Harris has of course been blogging for a longer time than even perhaps Jake, but deserves honorary mention since he has/was/is a stalwart in the blogosphere and one of threads we all hold dear,  "Preludium"

To a wonderful Lynn, who is my cohort in crime and both a stabilizer and a defender.  Also, a pretty good "recipier".  You all need to resurrect those recipes from Jake's place and give them to Lynn so we can put a WorldStopper Recipe Book together.  "Off-Topic"is the place to drop those recipes, we'll take it from there.

Father Scott, a great friend and a visitor to our convention.  He also works with Lynn and me but also does his "own thingy".  His blog is "Father Scott and Co ask some new questions"

Then, our much love Leonardo Ricardo.  An incomparable artist that paints not only with color but as effectively with words.   You can mostly find Leonardo  at "Eruptions at the  foot of the Volcano"

Then our good friend from the almost central Coast, James.  Ever the scholar James has some of the most devout postings of any  of us.  He also sponsors a great prayer blog and I for one am most grateful.  Also, a good repository of Episcopal knowledge.  "The Three Legged Stool"

Then there is our gang of four over at "The Friends  of Jake" .  They are the always scientific IT, Padre Mickey, Eileen, Ann and David.  Their blog is far reaching and always inclusive.  Sometimes deeply poetic and other times wonderfully grounded.  This group always keeps us up on the hot LGBT issues in and around our Episcopal Church.

Then there is our dear grandmother, GRANDMÈRE MIMI. Over at "Wounded Bird" she keeps us up on the latest goings on south of the Mason-Dixon line.  As a gulf coast survivor she also knows what it is like to really evacuate the premises.  She also "indulges in irony" from time to time.  Someone once said she had a mildly successful blog -- I think that is an understatement.

Then there is our person behind the Orange Curtain.  Also no stranger to evacuations cany has a wonderful blog that keeps us up on all the rescue work as well as Sarah Palin.  Maybe sometime she may put the two together and rescue Sarah Palin -- okay, maybe NOT! Her blog is "Just Another Black Sheep"

There is the "Grapevine" that began at the same time as the rest and is an up to the minute blog on all things San Joaquin. 

Another honorable mention (or maybe dishonorable, I am never quite sure what Fr. Christian is up to) is our own Father Christian Troll.  His "GAFCON" God and Father Christian: Obscuring Nothing is generally a hoot! 
Oh, and there is our own music machine Padre Mickey.  His blog "Padre Mickey's Dance Party" I think is one begun as an outgrowth of Father Jake but if I am wrong, someone will set me straight, I mean correct me.

Not bad for a bunch of liberal types that just decided to do our own thing, with a big push from Father Jake.  We actually, from time to time have drive-bys similar to those that Jake's Place used to get so I believe we are being read by "you know who".   And lest I forget the one that started us all,  "Father T. Listens to The World" .  We are deeply in your debt.  Thank you for your love and care and nurturing.  

I almost forgot but I did not.  A high five to GÖRAN.  He is not an outgrowth of Jake's Place but for me, he has taught me so much about the Bible and he is gracious and patient.  Along with IT (sorry IT but I do believe you qualify) one of the finest defenders of the faith I know.    Look up  "GÖRAN KOCH-SWAHNE"

Father Jake we thank you for all you have done for us.  We are growing in strength and faith.   A year ago I would ahve said no way.  Now, I have found many great friends and fine apologists.  

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