Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(Thanks to Lynn)

Hey folks, Colin Coward has now produced a document that reads a little like a fairy tale. Not that I am fond of pointing to documents on the blog, particularly those I am not sure what to make of but here it is:

Mr. Coward says, "We have moved on from where we were two years ago. The work that has been done by Archbishop Rowan, the staff at Lambeth Palace and the Anglican Communion Office in relation to the Lambeth Conference, but more especially I suspect, in quiet work building relationships and understanding behind the scenes, have radically changed the dynamics. However the conservatives might like to spin it, last year’s Lambeth Conference was a great success despite the absence of nearly a third of the bishops."

Anyone notice the Primates have moved on? The Chapman memo seems to still be in play. It seems to me that the only thing the Primates have given up is asking permission. Keep in mind there is another way of doing this. One way is to ask permission, the other is to ask for forgiveness, and that is exactly what these Primates are counting on. Remember "if I say it enough everyone will believe it." That is a comment from Archbishop in waiting Bobby Duncan and Mr. Minns and everyone else that has "bought into the ACNA." We seem to reach out and want to forgive so they are going to give us something for which they can be forgiven. If ACNA is not your cup of tea how about the legislation pending in Akinola's homeland, the let's imprison all LGBT folks and right now is a good time. Sure, the Primates have changed.

I do not see any evidence that anyone has "moved on", unless you mean moved to the fantasy land of the province of the Anglican Church of North America. I would love to see movement and the first thing ought to be moving ACNA to the scrap heap. There should be no ifs, ands, or buts (pardon the expression).

Coward ends with this wonderful comment, "The advantage of having come to Alexandria is that personal conversation and encounter is the only way to grow together and achieve a real change of heart on all sides. This is what is already happening for us."

What a great opportunity to be taken advantage of. Let's not sell the LGBT community up or down the river any more. Let's not make any deals without a strong representation by those most affected. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and agree to something some pretend "archduke" has decided is in everyone's best interest.

I decided I am not quite done yet. Some one is trying to tell me that the collective egos of Iker, Duncan, Schofield, Wantland, Ackerman, Guernsey, Minns, Akinola, Orambi, Jensen et al have suddenly gone away? GAFCON has disappeared? Foward in Faith, AMiA is gone, and CANA has given up the ghost? Everyone has decided that we are going to play nice. That the split and all the aggravation that these bishops have gone through is now going to be turned over in favor of a little kumbaya? I must be way too cynical.

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