Thursday, February 19, 2009

OP Ed Shoots TEC in Foot

There is an editorial by Stuart Dunnan, headmaster at St. James School in St. James Maryland.  Now I do not know The Reverend Dunnan but it appears that he supports the inclusion of a "new province" within the Episcopal Church.  I am disappointed for his very first point.  He says,
  I am reminded of the defensive and dismissive response of the Church of England bishops to the Methodist Movement in the 18th century. The result, of course, was the founding and development of a separate Methodist Church, which is now much larger than the 'Anglican" Church (at least as we are now constituted) on this continent."
 For some reason everyone wants to believe that because there are more of them than us they are doing something right and we are doing something wrong.  My logic professor used to tell me "figures never lie but liars always figure".  Sheesh, I will leave that argument where I found it.  Next we get this old saw,
 Now, what I wonder is this: What would happen if the Presiding Bishop with the support of the House of Bishops were to welcome the formation of a new province for 'traditionalists" within the Episcopal Church, 
.  It appears to me that there is a lack of respect for those who have undergone an upheaval in their lives that is more than gas or indigestion.  Churches have been ripped apart, clergy have been used and abused, property has been absconded with and personal property has been lost and not returned.  Does no one count the toll in human cost?  We count the numbers of persons who have gone here, the number of people on any given Sunday, the numbers of people every purple shirted wanna be represents but no one wants to talk about toil, sweat, emotional distress, psychological damage, spiritual mayhem that innumerable persons have suffered.  Now, we are going to vote to let those who have done this damage return like they went on a week-end retreat.  
We could, for instance, continue to share the Church Pension Fund and Episcopal Relief and Development, and our primates and bishops could continue to meet on a regular basis to look for areas of agreement, common witness, shared costs and joint projects, but in a way that is more representative, more conducive to collegiality and more focused on results than our present General,/blockquote> Convention.
 So, what I get out of this is that we let them take our buildings, our personal property, we let them continue in the church pension fund, we let them destroy the Episcopal Church.  

No, I am sorry, this is just a bad idea and as was once uttered at Jake's Place, " When one mud wrestles with a pig two things happen. I get muddy and the pig has a good time."  

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