Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As we approach the last dance for the evening I am wondering if anyone (anywhere) has thought about outcomes?  I know of at least one, Fatter Christian Troll has this much to say about some of the people involved in this catastrophe:
" If we siphon off a few grand from parish expenses and donate it the appropriate agency could we please have a few centuries added to Martyn Minns’ time of suffering? And how much would it cost to have Rick Warren tortured where the sun don’t shine for a few weeks? If we all chip in I'm sure we could afford it: heaven knows we'd probably get a discount rate in his instance."

But you you suppose there is a plan in place for the outcomes?  For example, the laity that left for the hinterlands and became the conealoneialists.  Upon return to the Episcopal Church, one their land and buildings come back what will become of them?  Nothing?  They return and rejoin TEC and nothing happens?  For us here in San Joaquin the tilt to the right, that is to say the ability to be inclusive is truly questionable.  The immediate impact will be measurable in all forms of elections including vestry, diocesan council, standing committee, etc. and it is possible we could head into the dark ages II.  What about holding office?  On the other hand, what about reconciliation?  For the laity perhaps a  truth and reconciliation commission in each diocese would go a ways to smoothing the re-entry.

How about priests and deacons?  Do we allow their deposition to stay?  Do we ask them to go through truth and reconciliation as well?  Remember, many of these priests are the very ones that "love JDS" and would do anything for him!  Should they be allowed to resume their clerical duties not only here but in the rest of TEC?  Do we work on the side of a shortage of priests and in full reconciliation and chance another coup d'etat?  Do we just send them packing to the old RC monasteries? 

And of course our favorite former bishops?  Will they come home?  Can they come home? Should they be allowed to come home?  In the diocese?  In TEC?  

There are a ton of questions and almost no one discussing these things nationally?  Once again is there planning going on somewhere?  At some point does the diocese come together in some way to discuss these issues?  Sure it may be slightly premature but the discussion is as valid for ones and twos as it is for the entire break apart conealoneialists. 

On the other hand, we could just pray for indulgences (or the lack thereof).

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