Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on the "Covenant Thingy"

From the primates final communication to those of us out in the world:

" We affirm the recommendation of the Windsor Continuation Group that work will need to be done to develop the Instruments of Communion and the Anglican Covenant. "  Here we go again!  And to add to the already messy situation we have this comment:

" We affirm the decision to establish the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission for Unity, Faith and Order.   We recognise the need for the Primates' Meeting to be engaged at every stage with all these developments."  Another group trying to "rule the universe?" Unity does not bother me half as much as faith and not nearly as greatly as ORDER!.

Now we come to the main event: "If a way forward is to be found and mutual trust to be re-established, it is imperative that further aggravation and acts which cause offence, misunderstanding or hostility cease. "   Once again we have sold our LGBT brethren down the river for what?  Unity, faith and order?! 

Here is the "bone" they throw to us "We earnestly desire reconciliation with these dear sisters and brothers for whom we understand membership of the Anglican Communion is profoundly important.  We recognise that these processes cannot be rushed, but neither should they be postponed."   Dare I say what a crock? Or, holy crap on a cracker!

Then we get back to the covenant thingy once more with this tidbit: 

" We believe the securing of the covenant to be a vital element in strengthening the life of the Communion.  We welcome the Covenant Design Group's intention to produce a covenant text which has a relational basis and tone. It is about invitation and reconciliation in order to lead to the deepening of our koinonia in Christ, and which entails both freedom and robust accountability. "

Once again, holy crap on a cracker!   Janis said it best, "Covenant is just another word for nothin' left to lose."  No, we do not need another covenant.  And I do not believe for one moment that the likes of Duncan and Akinola and Schofield and Iker and Jansen and Venables are going to hold on to anything.  Let's look at this semi-logically.  There are a bunch of wannabes that are left hanging out in the cold.  Let's examine but one ego.  Mr. Duncan, the arch something or other in waiting.  Can you see this person just hanging around waiting for some time in the future when he gets his province?  No, that is just not going to happen.  Let's face it, there are three diocese hanging in "LIMBO" a Roman idea but most fitting in this setting.  The folks that run those faux diocese are not going to wait.  They made promises to their constituents.  They will need to carry through on them.  

We are a group of provinces led by bishops.  We love and tolerate each other --- or not.  We do not need one more "covenant thingy".  

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