Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Is Going to Pay For "Our" Excesses? (Really)

Does John Boehner sound like a revamped and re-invigorated Newt Gingrich?  Certainly hearkens back to the early to mid-1990's.  And now, the rallying cry is do not saddle our children and grandchildren with programs and taxes that are needed today.  Let's just cut huge chunks out of the budget so that no one has to pay for those later.  What a huge crock of ***t. 

Let's take a close look.  Education is being cut at both the National and state levels.  Class sizes up, ANY "non-essential" program is O-U-T!  Lets strip these excesses down to the bare bones.  Close schools, eliminate all forms of transportation including, in North Carolina, for racial equity.  So someone thinks that our children and our grandchildren are not going to pay for this?  Who do the Republicans think we are educating?  Our old citizens?  You bet our children are going to pay for this -- not just now but in the future with an inferior education.  And, the right would be perfectly happy to dismantle public education.  Why not only allow those who can afford education to get some.  The rest of our children can go to work.

Let's talk about work.  Wisconsin, among other states, is currently in the process of dismantling collective bargaining.  They governor says he just wants to spread the pain, but the civil servants are willing to take pay cuts and health insurance premium increases but the governor wants to eliminate collective bargaining.  And the Republican Right led by the Tea Party does not want to just have them share the burden, they want labor unions G-O-N-E!  There is no greater advocate for middle class than the bargaining unit.  And who will pay for this?  How about our children and grandchildren when we lose minimum wage guarantees, eliminate child labor laws, eliminate over time pay, work week assurances and most important health care.  Our children will work long hours in sweatshops for little or no pay in company towns that trap persons and families for life. 

Let's talk about child welfare.  Without WIC, MEDICAL/CARE, Head Start our children and grandchildren will pay not just in the future but right now!  Nutrititous meals, basic medical care and early education head start are all gone!  What about Free and Reduced Lunches?  We go back to the days when children do not get to eat three meals a day? 

The size of government is too big?  Let's just lay-off half the workforce, they are just "pulling at the public trough", right?  Who pays for that?  How about all the children affected right now?  How about all the jobs that will collapse and all the many benefits from regulations and oversight -- like banking and lending?  Don't need those do we? How do you think we got into this mess to begin with and yet those clever little folks over on Wall Street have managed to turn the tables and make it all government's fault! 

There was an interview in Madison the other day and the person being interviewed was complaining because of all the "benefits" that one public sector employee or another had gained and bemoaning the fact that they (the speaker) did not have those benefits so why should anyone?  Well folks, you have fallen into the trap set by some very sophisticated wealthy families that have co-opted the Republican Right and Tea Party followers into a stupid argument.  The correct question is how do you get the same benefit?  Duh, how about by organizing?

So who really is going to pay for what and is this the real argument!  I think not since our children and our grandchildren are going to pay the price no matter what we do.  So, what is the answer?  The answer is build a better union, build a better society and let's begin to really care for everyone.  No, you are not going to get rich, okay?  No you are not going to build a portfolio the size of a Rockefeller's or anyone else.  But, you are going to build a just and fair society that builds the community and that lifts us ALL up not just the rich. 

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