Friday, February 18, 2011

Full Scale Assault On The Middle Class

I  am a student of politics.  As a student of social revolutionary theory I enjoy watching and discussing such issues as is what is happening in the Middle East right now.  I generally leave the blogging to a much more capable person such as IT or MADPRIEST.  But, I must admit, I am really growing weary of the full scale assault on the middle class that is now underway by the Republican party and rabidly so by the TeaParty.

For your consideration.  How many states are currently after public employee pensions?  What do you suppose the middle class did for old age before pensions?  Now, the goofs want to strip that away since no one is prepared to pay for it?!  Medicare and Social Security are "eating" up our budget and so no one wants to pay to be sure that our parents (and shortly us) will be taken care of in our later years.

For your consideration.  How many states, including Wisconsin, are now attacking employee rights to form a union and bargain collectively?  How does one think we got to be middle class?  Who do you think is going to protect you form child labor, long hours, no vacations, company stores, NO health care, no minimum wage and every other attempt by the very rich to keep every penny they make and give nothing back to those who create the product?

For your consideration.  How many states are balancing the budget on the backs of schools?  We should not increase taxes because our children will pay for it?  And pray tell, how is that going to happen if they cannot get a decent job?  Why would business move to a state where they cannot send their children to the schools because they are awful?  This is really, really, really, dumb!

If you think you are immune or are not touched by one of these and you think you are middle class I suggest you think again and then get out there and do something!  Pretty soon it will be too late.

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JCF said...

Preach it, Fred!

Me? I've been out this week, where the GOP's been fighting for control of MY uterus.