Saturday, February 26, 2011

CANA's Doctrine of Reactionary Inclusion

The LEAD reported the following:  
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports:

Speaking during his recent visit to London , Okoh said: “CANA is now part of the Anglican Province of North America (ACNA)."
“We are not interested in territorial ambition; our main reason for going to America was to provide for those who were no longer finding it possible to worship in the Episcopal church.
“A new structure has been put up in the U.S. which is ACNA.
“CANA now belongs to ACNA even though they still relate to us;but essentially it now belongs to Anglican province of North America,” he said.
Bishop Minns, suddenly realizing that CANA had just been dumped and his and all his buddies "ordination" out the window must have had an appopletic fit.  And, in keeping with CANA's reactionary inclusiveness the church of Nigeria and Cana now have FAQs that reiterate "dual citizenship and how all that works.  The LEAD now reports this:

CANA’s Missionary Bishop Martyn Minns (who is currently in Singapore en route to Nigeria for the Church of Nigeria’s House of Bishops’ meeting, which is to be followed by a meeting of the Church of Nigeria’s Standing Committee) has asked me to pass along this information to you:

Earlier this morning Bishop Minns heard from both Archbishop Nicholas Okoh and Registrar Abraham Yisa who were surprised to see a recent statement in the media that suggests that CANA is no longer part of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion).
Both Archbishop Okoh as well as Registrar Yisa told Bishop Minns that such reports are erroneous. They assured him that there has been no change in the status that exists between CANA and the Church of Nigeria, that Bishop Minns and CANA’s suffragan bishops continue to serve as members of the House of Bishops in the Church of Nigeria, and that the Church of Nigeria at the same time continues to promote the full recognition of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as a province in the Anglican Communion 
So, what we have here is the new and improved version of the doctrine of reactionary inclusion.  That definition is: a clergy person, currently under deposition or threat of deposition by the Episcopal Church in the United States of America that feels unloved and unrequited and enjoys a hatefulness for that province and wishes to thumb their nose at that province but needs a place from which to accomplish that task.  And, of course one gets to remain in the Anglican Communion by way of the Church of Nigeria (or alternatively the Southern Cone).  These persons are also known as Conelonialists.  This reactionary inclusiveness is also known as dual citizenship. 

This whole thing gives new meaning to the old joke how many faux Anglicans does it take to screw up a light bulb province?

WOW! Will wonders never cease!


Leonard said...

Apparently Bishop Minns is no longer writing the script at The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)...although I disagree with Archbishop Okoh on almost anything touching the spirituality of ALL of God´s human beings, it seems he is less radical, less impulsive, less over-the-top dangerous than Peter Akinola--no doubt disappointing for CANA´s dishonorable tribe of conartistas and theives.

JCF said...

It's a total SHELL GAME.