Sunday, February 6, 2011

The PR machine that is the Global South

I am now watching as the next step in the Global south public relations program kicks into high gear.  Way back when, specifically the Jerusalem Declaration, in a little preface work, the Conelonialists siad that the Archbishop of Canterbury was NOT NECESSARY for an Anglican Communion.  That discussion lay dormant for many months and then a few months ago the rhetoric kicked in.  With the advent of the Primate's meeting in Dublin the PR moved into high gear.  Look at ACI, ACNA, or even the Soundings Board over at the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin and you will see that there is a call for the Archbishop of Canterbury to step aside/down/get the hell out of the way.  Read the trash that was posted in South Carolina when Micahel Nazir-Ali was there.  If he isn't bucking for the top job then ain't nobody.  Even our goofy friends in Fresno think he would be good for the job. 

I digress.  The fact is that we, the Episcopal Church of the United States has been one step behind all the public relations stuff from ACNA and the Anglican Communion has been having it's tail wagged by the great PR folks from the Global South.  They make some silly argument and we bite.  They say it is the numbers and we bite.  They say it is Canterbury and we bite.  When is this going to change?  Well, it isn't going to change until we (local, national, international) decide to go on the offensive.  Take away that leading edge that the Global south always seems to have.  We need to put them on the defensive once and for all.  How you ask?  Well, how about for starters those that have been deposed by our diocese and province are not recognized by the international bodies that allow them  to play in he sandbox?  How about we start to create a public relations campaign that the Global South has to take account of?  How about we start with the issue of full inclusiveness and the fact that the vast majority of the global south are bigoted haters who cannot stand personal liberty and free will?

A special note to the laity of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin. You have never been recognized by the Archbishop of Canterbury, regardless of what John David Schofield says.  Now, if you read Soundings, you will find that you are moving inexorably away from even an association with the Archbishop of Canterbury.  John David Schofield PROMISED you the split would bring you closer not further away?  How much more information o you need to see that you have been grossly mislead?  Come on home, we have left the light on.

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