Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Episcopal Church International Lobbying Effort

You read the title of this blog posting and you ask, "What is Fred talking about?  There is an international lobbying effort on behalf of the Episcopal Church?"  Well, you are right.  There is absolutely, positively none --- that can be deciphered by those of us in the pews.  What has been the net result of this lack of bending someones, any one's ear?  Well, Father Mark has the latest in this abomination.  An ACNA deposed priest has now been appointed to anAnglican Communion international body that supposedly does not even recognize who the hell this person is. Furthermore, TEC presence has been greatly reduced on this same committee.   The Episcopal Church has deposed an incredible number of clergy for their schismatic attempts to formalize hate and loathing in the Episcopal Church in particular and the Conelonialist brand of "old time religion" to the Anglican Communion and have been rewarded for their efforts.  WHY? WHY?  WHY?  Because their public relations is on an international level and the Episcopal Church is still trying to be nice.  Despite the fact that over 100 clergy have been deposed including Jack Iker, Robert Duncan and John David Schofield we still refer to them as "bishops".  35 clergy in the diocese of San Joaquin alone have been deposed and yet they are allowed to practice their ordination vows with impunity.  When will the Episcopal Church launch a national and international campaign to have these clergy ostracized for their despicable and hateful behavior?  Why do we not have clergy in every part of the world but especially Canterbury insisting on our depositions being recognized by the entire Anglican Communion?  What is going on? 

The ACNA PR machine coupled with the slow erosion of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion is apparent and growing bolder by the minute.  How else could the Epsicopal presence be reduced on an international committee while simultaneously increasing ACNA presence on that very same committee? 

Sometimes I sits and wonders, sometimes I just sits.

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Lionel Deimel said...

I agree that Anglican churches should acknowledge one another’s ordinations and depositions. Alas, that doesn’t happen, and the Anglican Covenant, which might have brought some civilized behavior to the Communion, doesn’t deal with such niceties.

On the other hand, if Bob Duncan has a church—one not in the Anglican Communion, I might add—that calls him bishop or archbishop (or emperor or god), I’m content to use the same title. In doing so, I am not saying he is (say) an archbishop to me, simply that he is an archbishop to himself and to others.