Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blind Faith

In this complex and compound world it is sometimes so very difficult to search for and gain answers.  The Conelonialists are but a more perfect example of this very fact.  The apologia from the Episcopal Church wizen is softly complicated and difficult to follow.  The argumentation from the right is uncomplicated, simple it is language and easy to understand.  For many, that is or can be the only answer -- no one wants to think hard and no one wants to believe in something so very complicated, so many take the simple answer.  God said, I believe it and that is all there is to the situation.  Now they can go about their business on a day to day basis unfettered by thoughts that crowd out how to make money, how to spend the money I make and how to live my life.  Blind Faith is on the one hand, uncomplicated and makes for easy living but it obviously overlooks the complicated relationships that God has graced us with.  I think we all know the onion metaphor so I will not go into that one but I must say that when one "discusses" complex issues with the person in the pew that simply does not want their life any more complicated than it has to be, we tend to lose the argument.  The reason leg of the footstool is rather fragile and breaks rather easily.

For those who have been patient with me and waited all this time, yes, there is a song that goes with this little ditty.  Something to think about both the name of the group AND  the song lyrics.  Please do not go away until it is all over -- and I thank you.

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