Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Next Bus Has Arrived

Folks, apropos of the last posting the next bus has arrived and gone and I was not there.  Yep, the GAFCONites have demanded that they have a say in the selection of the next archbishop of Canterbury.  A letter was received last July by the Crown Nominating Committee from the "most holy" archbishops of the Global South (BTW, I now fully understand the old adage, "Things went south").

Here is the letter, not in its purist form, I  thank The Lead for the use of the letter, as is:

20 July 2012
The Rt Hon the Lord Luce KG, GCVO
Crown Nominations Commission
Appointment of a new Archbishop of Canterbury
The Global South of the Anglican Communion, comprising more than fifty-five million of the eighty million members of the Anglican Communion, deeply appreciate our historical relation with the See of Canterbury. We therefore commend the following to the Crown Nominations Commission for your serious consideration.
It is the reality of the Anglican Communion in the 21st Century that the majority of Anglicans are found within the Global South, especially in Africa. Resulting from the faithful witness of Western missionaries over the past two hundred years, Anglicans today stand in worship and witness amidst diverse cultures, among ancient traditions and often in inter-religious tensions.
As noted in the media release of the Church of England on the appointment of the Archbishop of Canterbury, one of his responsibilities is to be "the Focus of Unity of the Anglican Communion... primus inter pares among the bishops." This role calls for the new Archbishop of Canterbury to always act in a conciliar and collegial manner with his fellow Primates because his decisions will affect the life and witness of Provinces worldwide.
The new Archbishop of Canterbury should have the experience and cross-cultural sensitivity to understand the concerns and conflicts in the worldwide Communion. He has to be able to communicate effectively with, and gain the respect and confidence of, his fellow Primates in the Global South. He has to be able, together with his fellow Primates, to more effectively restructure the Anglican Communion Office and the Anglican Consultative Council to better serve the Communion.
At a time when the Christian faith faces challenges from other religious as well as secular worldviews, the new Archbishop of Canterbury must be committed to uphold the orthodoxy of the Christian "faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints" (Jude 3). To fulfil his calling and vow as Guardian of Faith, he must have the capacity to collectively put into effect the decisions taken at Lambeth Conferences and Primates Meetings, especially on issues that have led to the present crisis in the Communion.
To secure the future and unity of the Communion at a foundational level, the new Archbishop of Canterbury has to work with his fellow Primates to address the ecclesial deficit of the Anglican Communion highlighted in the report of the Windsor Continuation Group.
The Archbishop of Canterbury is also responsible to work with ecumenical partners for the unity of the "one holy catholic and apostolic Church". The new Archbishop of Canterbury must be able to build upon the work of his predecessors while avoiding any further actions that may widen the gap between us and these partners.
In conclusion, the Global South Primates expect to be consulted on this decision of great importance for the Communion, and look forward eagerly to the new Archbishop of Canterbury to uplift God's people in the Anglican fold worldwide in obedience to God's Word.
We wholeheartedly pray and hope that the unity of our beloved Anglican Communion will be restored and strengthened.
Faithfully in Christ,
Most Rev Dr Mouneer Anis
Primate, The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & Middle East
Chairman, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Nicholas Okoh
Primate, The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)
Vice-Chairman, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Ian Ernest
Primate, The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
Honorary Secretary, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Bolly Lapok
Primate, The Church of the Province of South East Asia
Honorary Treasurer, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Stephen Than
Primate, The Church of the Province of Myanmar (Burma)
Member, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Henri Isingoma
Primate, Province de l'Eglise Angicane du Congo
Member, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Daniel Deng
Primate, The Episcopal Church of the Sudan
Member, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev Dr Eliud Wabukala
Primate, The Anglican Church of Kenya
Member, Global South Primates Steering Committee
Most Rev David Vunagi
Primate, The Church of the Province of Melanesia
Most Rev Joseph Kopapa
Primate, The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea
Most Rev Onesphore Rwaje
Primate, Province de l'Eglise Anglicane au Rwanda
Most Rev Bernard Ntahoturi
Primate, The Anglican Church of Burundi
Most Rev Valentino Mokiwa
Primate, The Anglican Church of Tanzania
Right Rev Dr Chad Gandiya
Representing the Primate of The Church of the Province of Central Africa
Right Rev Dr Johannes Seoka
Representing the Primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
Right Rev Matthias Medadues-Badohu
Representing the Primate of The Church of the Province of West Africa
Right Rev Peter Bartlett [not signed -ed.]
Representing the Primate of Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America
cc: Most Rev Dr Barry Morgan
Primate representing the Anglican Communion, Crown Nominations Commission

Let's begin with the logical fallacy of "we represent 50 million Anglicans", like numbers make a decision.  Do you suppose that Christ would not have died for just one?  Secondly, "they represent" is like me saying I represent all the veterans of the world.  I am a veteran therefore I represent them all?  The 50 M do not vote and do not even get an opinion.  Is a spiritual appointment (made by the Queen of England) supposed to be done on how many Anglicans want someone to be some grand poohbah?  I certainly hope not?  Kind of arrogant -- but hey, they got one vote, why not try for fifty?  Let's stack the deck because "we are great". 

Cross-cultural sensitivity is a major issue for the GSFCON bishops?  And the bishops want "defense of the faith".  Let's see, defense of the faith by waging war on Moslems in Nigeria?  Waging war on women in Central Africa?  Cross cultural sensitivity to the Hutus that were slaughtered in Rwanda?  Cross-cultural sensitivity to the thousands of children kidnapped and pressed into military service in Uganda?  I strongly believe in a faith that accepts all, the big tent concept if you will, including our LGBT brethren.  Opps, I don't think the bishops signing this letter mean that!

What we have here, is a thinly veiled  attempt  to put certain segments of the Worldwide Anglican Communion out of the Communion.  They want, need to be, find it their sacred duty to become the magesterium of the Anglican Communion. 

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