Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is HATE the Real Republican Agenda?

Since the election of last fall and the entry of the "T-party" folks it seems that the real agenda for the Republicans is HATE!  They hate the poor, because the poor need help like food stamps, health care and head start.  The Republicans hate the the middle class.  All those civil servants giving up a lifetime to serve the needs of the people and then expecting a pension?  Well, no T-party person worth their salt is going to let that happen!  They hate the unions because the unions have brought better wages, better working conditions and better retirement systems.  They hate kids otherwise why would they try to educate a student on no revenue in order to protect the rich?  And they certainly hate the LGBT community, especially the part where everyone is treated with equity.

The US Navy announced recently that they were going to allow same-sex weddings to take place on/in Navy chapels in places that do not violate state laws. See Navy Allows to read the whole article.  This is all in response to the DADT change in policy.  But,

A letter from Rep. Todd Akin, R-Missouri, to the secretary of the Navy asking him to block the change has been signed by 63 members of Congress, according to Akin's website.

Akin says the Navy's permission for gay weddings in military chapels, once the current policy formally is ended, would violate the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Now, we already know that the Department of Justice will refuse to defend this silly and hateful law but apparently the T-party doesn't care about that, or anything else.  C;learly the Republican party simply want to pursue their agenda of HATE.

Hat Tip To CNN


IT said...


Yes. Because hate is the only way to pull off the "divide and conquer" strategy.

Have you heard that there is a move in the Republican Party to deny people the vote if they don't pay enough taxes?

Next question?

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

I had not heard that. Can you give me a place to go -- I would like to read and see who is now trying to deny folks the right to vote.