Saturday, May 28, 2011

Any More Questions?

Well, the revelations over the past few days by Colin Slee and the "bigwigs" in the Church of England should have removed all doubt about the Anglican Communion and the Anglican Covenant.  Many in and out of the Episcopal Church in the United States have talked and debated and discussed and thought and prayed all to the end that we must slowly and deliberately consider this Anglican Communion.  Now we find out that we were all "getting played" by the guy that could not imagine a world without the Anglican Communion being led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and his right hand guy, the Archbishop of York. 

Well, way back when I wrote this "Isn't There Something About Lying ++Rowan Williams".  And a little later we wrote this about his work "Tokens of Trust".  And I wrote this about the similarities between Rowan Williams and Neville Chamberlain.  All in all I wrote about the machinations of the Archbishop of Canterbury almost 25 times.  What I suspected has now been proven to be true.  The fact is the (arch) Bishop has transformed himself into a pawn.  A pawn of those forces that seek unity in place of God.  The forces that seek hegemony instead of universality.  The forces that seek to destroy anyone or anything that gets in the way of power and corruption.  The forces that seek to refuse to accept Christ's commandment to reach out into the world and love your neighbor AS YOURSELF. 

There is an old adage that goes "absolute power corrupts absolutely" and once again we have first hand knowledge of that.  Now, I ask the question I have asked on many occasions, "Is this the Anglican Communion that we (the Episcopal Church in the United States of America) wish to remain in communion with?  It is not just the refusal of the Archbishop to accept, really and truly accept, LGBTI persons as fully God's children but it is the evil and mean spirited ways in which the Archbishop of Canterbury has gone about keeping them out of full inclusion.  The lying, the cheating, the power-grabbing, the two-faced bold-faced untruths that he has told not only in his writing but in his daily actions.  Is this what we aspire to?  Is this what we wish to remain a part of?  Is this what we long for in our relationships both here and abroad? Is this the head of OUR Communion?

I will once again renew my plaint that we must be about the business our Lord and his father created for us.  If others wish to follow fine, if not fine.  But, let's not fool ourselves any longer.  "As for me and my house, we will follow the Lord."


June Butler said...

I will once again renew my plaint that we must be about the business our Lord and his father created for us.


I care about the relationships in the Anglican Communion. I don't favor a move to pull out. I'm not in favor of adopting the daft covenant. If TEC is removed as a result of not adopting the covenant, then so be it.

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

I believe that we ignore the covenant and get on with the work we are supposed to be about. If the Anglican Communion moves, so be it. We were not in a communion until about 1868 or so, we can go it alone again. God does not care if we are in communion with Nigeria God cares if we feed his sheep.