Sunday, May 15, 2011

De Plan(e) ... De Plan(e) ... De Plan(e)

As the scene opens there is a plane circling Heathrow Airport and a former bishop from San Joaquin is waiting with a limousine and a driver.  Suddenly, John David looks up, sees the plane with faux bishop Martyn Minns on board and begins to yell ... well you know how that story goes, we've seen it on TV about a few hundred times, except that life is frequently stranger than fiction.

What seems like 20 years ago was only 2007 when former bishop, now Mr. Schofield, announced that he was taking his diocese with him to get closer to Canterbury.  He made the rounds to virtually every parish in the San Joaquin Diocese and explained that for many reasons, but chiefly the issue of remaining close to the archbishop of Canterbury and "our" Anglican history, it was necessary to break away from the apostate Episcopal Church of the United States in order to stay in communion with the Anglican Communion. 

So Mr. Schofield took a large chunk of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin into what could only be called "purgatory" (the place between heaven (Canterbury) and hell (TEC,)).  Note that until now, and despite the many and varied lies being told by not only John David but Bob Duncan and Jack Iker as well as others the ACNA, the breakaway diocese of San Joaquin, Quittsburgh, and Fort Wrath, have never been recognized or accepted (tacitly or other wise) by Canterbury.  That means that their orders are still not valid and the sacraments they have tried to confer, including ordination and consecration are not valid. I mention that in passing for our laity in these diocese who some how think they have been receiving valid sacraments lo these last few years.

Now, the plan, ah yes, the ever changing always one step ahead plan of these neer-do-wells has brought them a fake bishop in a real place in England.  How much more clever of a ruse can one get than to set up their version of the Anglican Communion in of all places, Anglicanland!  Yep, Martyn Minns is going to head up the new GAFCON/FCA version of the Anglican Communion in merry olde England.  How much better can it get?  The global south gets rid of the millstone (and the charge of incursions), the silly little people who still think they are bishops in some branch of the church get to claim they are Anglican, Martyn Minns gets as much power (maybe more) than Archduke Duncan and all the laity gets to finally be claimed by someone in England as being part of some version of the Anglican Communion.  Yep, it can only be minutes before Minns recognizes the ACNA as part of the world wide Anglican Communion, whopee!  Or better, abracadabra, open your eyes and see we are now the Anglican Communion.

What started out as a stupid little movement in the United States by a few men who could not stand to be given orders by a woman and who wanted more and more power has turned into a colossal cluster "****" involving the entire Anglican Communion and making most of that communion irrelevant, including themselves.

Mr. Schofield, Mr. Chapman, Mr. Duncan, thanks so very much, we find your plan to be unacceptable.  Please do not go away mad, just go away!

More later.

H/T Fr. Mark

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