Saturday, May 7, 2011

Osama bin Laden: A Birdwalk

So very much has been written about the killing of Osama bin Laden and I think I have read most of the work.  Most recently the work of NT Wright in the Church Times: The US plays with myths of heroism
and I think I am sorry I have.  There is way too much hand wringing and worrying over the surgical strike that killed Osama bin Laden. Wright discusses the perceived need for a international body to "handle" these types of situations.  I think not,  the interests of a nation are far to important to water down and trust to an international group that has politics as its basic mode of operation.  Nations are from time to time required to act in their own best interests.  This was one of those cases.

Wright then goes on to talk about the Christian gospel still "waiting".  This will not garner me any friends but I would choose for this world to be not ruled by a faith based process.  The problem with theocracies is that it becomes a matter of interpretation and I am unimpressed with any one's interpretation  of "God's will" on this earth -- be it God or Allah or Shiva or Confucius or any other "god".  I am willing to allow for those things to be rendered to Caesar and those things rendered to God, so as to speak.

Finally, Wright ways, ": (a) the forces of law and order are weak and in­efficient; (b) the bad guys are getting away with it; (c) the hero has to act outside the law, under cover, to perform the redemptive violence that will restore order to the embattled community. "

So we can set the record straight, the international forces of law and order are weak and inefficient. The bad guys do get away with it, even God admits that.  And, it is a matter of interpretation if the hero has to act outside the law, under cover to perform redemptive violence that will restore order. 

And yes, if there was a group of "pick your favorite terrorist group" was hiding out in the United States and the US refused to do anything about it after a significant terrorist act was performed by this group, then another country could swoop in and resolve the issue and I do not think I would mind nor do I think our government would mind. 

What the Untied States did after September 11 was promise that the perpetrators would be found and captured or killed.  We simply fulfilled on that promise.  To do less would have given license to the forces of evil to do it all over again.  Action with consequence is a basic disciplinary rule.

This is Real Anglicans and this post is a basic bird walk from my usual stuff, I apologize.

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