Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everybody is An Expert!

Do tell, seems everyone is an expert.  From education, I went to school so I must know how to run an educational institution to our professional military.  We have taken the idea of "do it yourself" way to far. For the most recent example, here is the mouthpiece of the Ahmanson's, David Anderson;
This weekend is when the United States remembers all of those in the Armed Forces who have given their life for the cause of their country since our founding as a nation. In addition to giving thanks for the price paid by those who served - those killed, wounded, or safely returned - and how they have defended our freedom and liberty, let all Americans be vigilant so that this price was not paid in vain. Since we are in difficult times and the military leaders are being pushed to accept "progressive" social viewpoints, let us pray for our military leaders, that they truly will have the brass to stand up to the social agenda many politicians are pushing, and the pressures from a President whose stand is already clear.
Seems that Mr. Anderson has decided that the leaders of our armed forces are driven by a social agenda.  Clearly, Mr. Anderson has no concept of what or how or why the Joint Chiefs of Staff make decisions.  I will say this, most, in fact I believe all, have faced combat at one time or another in their careers.  Certainly those in the Army and Marine Corps have -- if not Iraq, Afghanistan or Viet Nam.  Mr. Anderson has already decided for the Joint Chiefs that having someone next to you in combat that is LGBT will hamper your chances of staying alive.  Clearly, Mr. Anderson has never EVER been in combat.  With bullets and RPGs and mortars flying all around no one cares about one's sexual orientation and certainly no one is going to ask you about it.  I was in tanks, and tanks are staffed by four persons. I never asked and I never cared -- we were too close to worry about those things.  We relied on each other to stay alive -- that, for me is the issue and I think that is the issue for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Let me be clear, I had no social agenda in my tank other than staying alive and the people I worked with never let me down and I never let them down.  Mr. Anderson, you ouht to stick to what you know -- if there is anything.


Leonard said...

Anderson is a not-so-creative and cowardly thug-- notice how he wormed his little game of shaming LGBT service people into a speech that ought be humble and dignified and inspiring in praise of all AMERICANS--truly the man is second class in most every way...I´ve always admired our everyday heros as a group of fellow citizens who have
huge amounts of really good character no matter their background, no matter their sexual orientation in life-- Anderson is a drag (yep he´s dressed up to look like a real man).

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

I do not beliee that Mr. Anderson ahs had an original thought in his life. Mr. ahhmanson tells him what he can and cannot think. since he knows who fattens whose wallet that is that.