Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Bible Says It, I Believe It, Don't Talk To Me!

As I view the current political landscape I am growing frightened by the lack of real dialogue that goes on these days.  While clearly there is this problem in the House of Representatives, specifically those newcomers to the House, it's presence is significantly felt in our Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

There is a post over at a not-to-be-named "Orthodox" website by a priest that clearly sets the tone and tenor of Christian apology at angry.  The post goes from 0 to angry in about two lines and then he sets himself up against any discussion by saying that Jesus would truck no discussion why should we?  Well, words to that affect.

From a theoretical perspective, the folks over there would have us believe that this is Biblical anger, not unlike that which Jesus undertook in the Temple.  But look more closely, please, it is hatred "justified" by biblical anger.  It sounds to me like the same rationale used by the Ku Klux Klan for over a century and it smacks of the same approach that Hitler used to attempt to eradicate the Jews.  And how does this play out practically? 

First, that seems to be in line with the lack of reason that the new Anglicans wish to promote inside our communion.  The three-legged  stool no longer exists for this group.  Solo Scriptura is the only thing that matters and discussion and true discernment can ONLY be what an elite few say it can be (if you don't believe that read the proposed Anglican Covenant).  But they take this hard edge, this anger against the world and promote it.  The "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any longer" only works in movies folks.  It has no place in society, certainly not a free and democratic one.  And yet, this same group of people that now occupy a small corner of the House of Representatives is not only saying that but practicing it as well.  It is this type of anger that fuels the murders of men and women both here at home and worldwide.  They will argue against it but the fact remains that this hatred leads to violence. Don't believe me see Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Wyoming, Oxnard, Texas and just about everywhere.

The current climate both in and out of our Communion is growing in anger and hatred.  If that is what the new Anglican Communion is all about, if it is only a little about, if there is only a small circle of people who "stand firm" then there is no doubt in my mind not only MUST we reject the Anglican Covenant but it is time to leave the Anglican Communion.

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