Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How About A Simple No?

We continue to struggle and search and research and study and re-study the proposed Anglican Covenant.  This transparent document is designed to punish the Episcopal Church in the United States of America for all the perceived mis-guided antics we have perpetrated on the Anglican Communion since 1979.

The GAFCON/Global South continues to search for the latest and greatest way to ostracize the Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion. In addition, the Conelonialists want to set up a tribunal of sorts made of those primates who believe that only they can interpret what God wants us to do and to assure themselves that something like what has happened in the Episcopal Church never ever happens again. 

We in the Episcopal Church, and elsewhere, take this so very seriously that we have read and studied and written and researched until that is just about all we do.  After all, we do not want the world to think that we are not taking the Global South seriously, do we?

Think of all the time, staff power, paper, blogs, parishes and diocese that have been consumed by this antic.  Then think of what we could have been doing in the world had we simply said NO.  Think of all the people we could have helped, all the work we could have put into ERD and the earthquake in Haiti and Japan and all the work needed in Africa.

The answer to the Anglican Covenant is simply, No.Now, let's get on with what  Jesus wants us to do.


Leonard said...

Yes to NO!

Anonymous said...
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