Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Orthodox Way of Counting

Our friend over in virtueless land is making things up once again.  Much as the orthodox folks like to "count" the "billions and billions served" by way of the Global south/GAFCON he has now published a letter "demanding" that the Episcopal Church 'splain all the litigation dollars spent.  Never mind that those Anglicans that have lost their way are spending millions and millions of hard earned and hard saved dollars they took with them and believe they can spend any old way they want (see old what's his name in Colorado) including suing every Episcopalian in sight.  These folks had a chance to consolidate several cases in California and thereby cut costs and they fought the saving of funds every inch of the way.  Not because they think they can win, but rather the goal is to attempt to run the Episcopal Church out of funds.

So, what gives now? Well there is this letter from a group supposedly attached to the Episcopal Church:

The Trust Fund Coalition

c/o American Anglican Council of Washington, Inc.
and the Anglican Laity Fellowship, Inc.

So I decided to go and see just who this group is?  Far as I can tell it is nothing more than a front group for our favorite virtueless writer.  For example, here is one of the groups "supporting" this Trust Fund Coalition.

The American Anglican Council of Washington (AAC-W) is a non-profit 501-(3)-(c) Church organization with Clergy and Lay members in the Episcopal Church (TEC) or the Anglican Communion-North America (AC-NA).
Now, when was the last time you saw ACNA and TEC in the same 501(c)(3)?  Never would be a pretty good guess.

And here are the "resources" cited:




So, let's just say that perhaps the first step in resolving this difficulty would be for the various diocese in ACNA that have taken the property (cash included) to reveal how much they have spent on litigation and perhaps share with the Episcopal Church why they fought the consolidation of court cases that would have saved them time and money and saved the Episcopal Church the same.

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