Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Conelonialists Must Come Clean!

The "orthodox" Anglican Conelonialists have harped on "just how much is TEC spending on litigation?"  and I find that question to be laughable.  Why?  Well, one need look no further than the "Anglican Defense Fund".  This is the brainchild of Mr. John David Schofield.  He has decided that his brand of distinctly "non-anglican" worship coupled with the stolen property of The Episcopal Church is worthy of folks sending Mr. Schofield much money to "fight the evildoers". 

Here is the problem with that.  First it is important that he, Mr. Schofield, come clean on just how much money has been collected through this defense fund (though I think it is more offensive rather than defensive).  In addition, how much of the funds collected through this fund were spent specifically on the legal fees incurred by the various parishes within his faux diocese to keep their stolen property.  Also, Mr. Schofield has absconded with millions of dollars of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin cash reserves.  How much of those has Mr. Schofield spent on legal fees and how much has he spent on his crystal and china?  Assuming that the real Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin has found most if not all of the funds Mr. Schofield shoved in his pockets while heading to South America and that those funds are tied up in the legal battle, just where is the legal defense fund coming from?  Are they/he mortgaging the property that is not theirs in order to fund the defense of their ill-gotten gain? 

And, how much of this defense fund is going to other diocese with in the Continental United States?  How much of these funds have gone to Archduke Venables and the sad story of his personal residence?

Mr. Schofield, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Venables how much have you shared with your own mis-guided parishioners?  Or maybe this is too sensitive to share with just lay people?!

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