Sunday, September 12, 2010

Episcopalians Are A Reasonable, Thoughtful Group

It was interesting to "wander around" the blogs this week-end. When I do that I actually learn something, sometimes, and in some ways. This week-end was no exception. Let's look at a thoughtful post by James at the Three-legged Stool. James says,
"And, let's face it, friends, TEC has its faults and although it hurts to have one's faults pointed out. At least Mr. Jordan does so in a gentlemanly fashion."
And this is only the most recent and reasoned explanation of whatever is Episcopalian. Mark does that at Preludium, and several others including Jake over at his place all liketo be reasonable and polite recognizing the failings we Epsicopalians exhibit from time to time. We are after all, a group of thoughtful, reasonable folks who rely on scripture, reason, and history to illuminate our way. We are, "nice" people.

Now, over at GAFCON, our wonderful doctrinal warrior gives us this little tidbit to chew on
: "Nine years ago today almost 3,000 people died because 19 gullible young men were convinced God wished them to commit an act of unspeakable evil. Today we call these murderers “fundamentalists”, but that's probably according them a degree of systematic coherence they clearly lacked. In reality they were just another teardrop in the vast ocean of post-adolescent males who’ve been seduced by a dangerously stupid cocktail of testosterone and religious idealism. A cocktail which continues to be served unimpeded, and not just in socio-theological basket cases like Iran and Afghanistan.

Sure the after-effects are rarely so obvious: the self-righteous drinkers in Pittsburgh might not execute homosexuals as their counterparts do in Tehran, and those imbibing in the ACNA Diocese of San Joaquin might not allow their revolting misogyny to express itself as blatantly as their Taliban equivalents in Quetta (although I fear it’s only a matter of time before someone emails with news of the evangelicals of Sydney stoning women caught reading the bible aloud while clad “immodestly”), but talk to any of them privately, when their guard is down, and you’ll invariably reach the frightening conclusion that their deepest hope is it’s only a matter of time…"

The Episcopal response to all the havoc and the mayhem set upon our beloved Church by the mob of Duncan, Iker, Schofield, and all the young fundamental radicals has been one of nice and genteel responses. You know, we love the sinner and hate the sin kind of stuff. Big tent stuff, even for those who would (figuratively) load the Episcopal Church into a rail car bound for nowhere good. That is correct. Has anyone seen anything from any blog or writing or memo or letter or communication that says, "Oh, ACNA just wants to allow everyone to live and let live. We mean the Episcopalians no harm. We at ACNA just want everyone to know that we can co-exist with the the Episcopal Church." Have you? Well, have you?!

So what, pray tell, are we waiting for? We formed the Anglican Communion, we are the driving force behind this confederation and we must have had a reason. Why are we so willing to allow ourselves to be beaten, besmirched, belittled, and bedraggled by a group of old men who lead young men into a battle to wipeout the Episcopal Church. When are we going to wake up and smell the coffee? It is past time to "gird our loins and put on the shield or righteousness" and do battle with the evil forces that are out there -- the evil forces mustered by Akinola, Orombi, the sneak of an Archbishop in South America, Mr. Schofield, Iker, Duncan and the whole lot of them. There is no reason to treat them kindly or gently. Why are we not insisting that those who have crossed borders are not brought to justice? Why are we not out there insisting that those who have been inhibited and defrocked are held accountable for their despicable deeds? Why are we not out in every province in every country insisting that the Episcopal Church is the one and only Anglican presence in the United States and there is no other.

We need to drop this facade of kindness and gentle loving and get on with the business at hand. Please be sure to understand, I am not suggesting we stoop to the tactics that they are currently using, though it is appealing, but rather we use those tools at hand and use them effectively. AND, we do not give quarter where quarter is not due. This idea that we can talk about the "Episcopal Church warts and all" aids and abets those who would bury the Episcopal Church. No more!

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