Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How About Them Yankees?

Well, there has been as much ink (digital and otherwise) expended on this Anglican Covenant to drawn at least the horse we rode in on. But, the Presiding Bishop and the Executive Council believes that we "ought to play the game". By that is meant, please consider the Anglican Covenant in time for the next triennial convention. And they said that with a straight face!

A large minority of provinces, led by the Southern Cone, want The Episcopal Church of the United States gone, yes gone, defunct, out of business, and dead in the very worst way and they re willing to go to any lengths to accomplish this task. Keep in mind that the "Anglican Magisterium, most recently asked for sanctions against the Episcopal Church in the United States for consecrating Mary Glasspool, and got them! Yes our personal envoys to at least one committee was reduced to "observer status" because we dare to include ALL our brothers and sisters in FULL life of Christ on earth.

This group of neer-do-wells is aided and abetted by a large group of disaffected (and generally speaking dumber than the proverbial fence post) Americans led by old white guys that are tired of sharing power with women, gays, and disabled/marginalized persons who really should not be in positions of power anyway! The group, led by former bishops Robert Duncan, Martyn Minns, John David Schofield, Jack Iker, John Guernsey et al are chomping at the bit to push the Episcopal Church over the edge so they can become the "one true Catholic church" in the Untied States.

So, into this cauldron, we as the laity and clergy of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America are thrown! We are now supposed to consider thoughtfully, prayerfully, meditatively, the current edition of the Anglican Covenant!? Just what have these folks been smokin? The Anglican Covenant in all its glory, is simply the Episcopal Church in the United States of America's way of committing assisted suicide! It is nothing less than the Global South's way of removing us from the Anglican Communion, quietly, discreetly and with our own approval. Now, we may, as a matter of course, take ourselves out of the communion, and we may not (after all it was us that began the concept) but why would we hand someone else the necessary approval to remove us from the communion? We are perfectly capable of doing it ourselves, if we choose. I am not sure that is what we choose.

And in the meantime, what have we done with our unruly bandits here in the United States? Well, we continue to allow them to play all sorts of games that allow Bob Duncan and his unholy crowd to out maneuver us on all fronts. We should be lobbying every primate including the Archbishop of Wontebury to remove these evil folks from their roles and responsibilities since they continue to perform cross boundary incursions and continue to not uphold our inhibitions. Why are we not out in public and all over the world constantly hammering at these folks in the press and in the court of world opinion? No, instead we are here,at home, asking politely to please consider the Anglican Covenant.

How About them Yankees?

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JCF said...

Heh, I thought this was going to be a BASEBALL post! (Came over here from Friends-of-Jake, all fired up to praise my Giants! ;-D)

Yes, yes: Yay TEC, for overthrowing the Coven-ant. ;-/