Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do We Really Need All The Friends We Can Get?

How would you classify a group of people who are only "trying to help you"? Most of us would say that anyone trying to help us would be a friend, and in this day and age we could sure use a friend. Just ask James Taylor if you do not believe me. "Ain't it good to know you got a friend."

Well, we here in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America have a bunch of friends, they call themselves the "Communion Partners". The most current help they have given is the help in trying to unconsecrate Mary Glasspool as bishop in the diocese of Los Angeles. The document is called A Statement from the Communion Partners Clergy Steering Committee On the Bishop Suffragan-Election In the Diocese of Los Angeles. This is a nifty little article on the idea that sharing our faith with everyone is not quite what Jesus had in mind. Apparently we are too edgy for them as they echo the Global South and Mr. Duncan's stance on only some people get to fully share in the faith while others have to hope for the crumbs that fall from the table.
Then there is this little gem, Communion Partner Rectors Ask Global South Anglicans To Endorse the Anglican Covenant. In that little ditty apparently the Communion Partners really do wish to see the Episcopal Church removed from the Anglican Communion since that IS the REAL rationale for the Anglican Covenant. It is a poison pill setup by a few evil men to eliminate the Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion. The lone voice of inclusion would be silenced by male dominated imperialist leaders who would rather see the communion break into a million pieces than accept a power-sharing arrangement that includes all persons sharing fully in the gifts of Jesus Christ.
And in another "erudite document" the Communion Partners on behalf of the Episcopal Church "humbly accept" the admonitions and discipline from the Archbishop of Canterbury for having nominated Mary Glasspool as bishop of Los Angeles.
These friends are just wonderful aren't they? They go to visit the Archbishop of Canterbury without a so much as "by your leave" from our primate, Kathryn Jefferts Schori to talk about not being forgotten when the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Anglican Magesterium kick out the Episcopal Church from the communion; they accept the punishment on behalf of a grateful Episcopal Church and are all but ready to fill the gap if and when the Episcopal Church is removed from the Communion all the while professing to be our friends. All the while they do not want to leave the Episcopal Church. WOW! What are we waiting for? These folks need to get medals! Why have we waited so long? Can't we see that all we need are these folks to lead us out of the quagmire and into the bright sunlight? Hip Hip Hooray for the Communion Partners. And, what is even more astounding, we have one of those "great men" in our midst! That is correct San Joaquin. The Reverend Rob Eaton is one of these brave and true lads that is trying to be our friend. He can hardly wait to become a bishop -- in fact he is so anxious to do so it appears he left John David Schofield high and dry to come over to our side and help us. My God, are we lucky or what? When you see the reverend Eaton next at convention in October let him know how much you truly appreciate his help and his friendship!

Why does the Episcopal Church allow these fellows to continue to perform their duties as clergy in the Episcopal Church? Why can't something be done when all they are waiting to do is take over? The only difference between them and the others is the others have the guts to setup an opposing organization and face the Episcopal Church. The communion Partners are nothing but vultures waiting for someone else to do the killing so that they can pick the bones clean. There must be something, with friends like this, who needs enemies?

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