Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mr. Duncan "Pops Off" Again

Mr. Duncan, the former bishop of Pittsburgh and the person who currently occupies the "Chief Pooba" of the Conelonialists had this to say:

"As archbishop I have articulated four areas that I believe need to become our distinctives:

1) that we know ourselves to be the beloved of Jesus;
2) that we become a people committed to personal holiness
3) that we understand our work as fore-runners of Jesus; and
4) that we are those who sacrifice for the sake of others.
Among other things, such distinctives would form us
into a different people than we presently are.

1) If they knew themselves to be the beloved of Jesus Christ would they not take more seriously the two great commandments. Notice I said to upon which "hang all the law and the prophets".

2) If they were committed to personal holiness would they not be more concerned with their relationship with God rather than someone else's relationship with anyone else?

3) If they understood more about how their work fore-ran Jesus Christ would they not be focused on their relationship with Jesus and not their attempts to help other people relate to Jesus Christ?

4) If they were folks who "sacrificed" for the sake of others why are they refusing to return property they hold that belongs to the Episcopal Church?

Sure makes you different.

In conclusion I call every one's attention to a Peter, Paul and Mary song/medley. The medley is a Union song but the part that most intrigues me as it pertains to this post is the following line:

"Put it on the ground boys, spread it all around boys". Once again the Grand Pooba has done just that.

BTW: Oral arguments on the property issues in San Joaquin have been postponed again. Whopee!

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